A birthday message to my sister

My sister started working at an early age because of poverty. She went through a lot in order to survive because of hardship in life. She is not thinking about herself only but her family as well. She sent us to school, she gave us home to l

I'm tired

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SUNSET (freewrite)

I miss home so much, I wanted to go home but certain reasons that will not allow me. Now, I want to express my tears into a free-write.

Couplet poetry

"Life in the province" The one of a kind nature The beauty and its colour The s

The reasons for loneliness

Coffee break

Ahem, actually this is not a coffee break because as of now I'm not employed. It's just a reason for

The pain I never knew

I should not have met you

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Just a memory

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Introducing my existence in hive

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When a man loves a woman

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