SUNSET (freewrite)

I miss home so much, I wanted to go home but certain reasons that will not allow me. Now, I want to express my tears into a free-write.


I once seated in the shore watching the beautiful sky. I saw children enjoying the feeling that the sand touches their skin. They were playing like running, hiding and they were just laughing. I envied them at that time and was hoping that I could feel that kind of happiness. I wish to feel that feeling with my friends. I caught by the smiling faces of the children that I didn't realise the sun started going down. It seemed like the sun kisses the sea and painted the sea with gold colour. I was amazed by its colour and just kept on staring on it.

After watching the beautiful sunset I began to think about random happenings in life before. I was 5 years old back then when my father scolded me because I wanted to swim in the sea but he didn't let me. There was this time that my father told me to go with him in fishing but because I was playing with my friends. I refused him and again he's mad at me for doing that. One of the sweetest in my childhood when my father protected from my mother. My mother always hits us when we were at wrong while my father didn't like that. That's why he stole us from my mother and sometimes hid us and brought us along with him. That way my mother couldn't hit us. Those were just happy moments with my father but I began to feel sad because he was no longer with us.


The beauty of sunset brought my lovely memories back then. I ended up smiling with a teary-eyed. I wanted to see that sunset again in our hometown but I can't for now. All I can do for now is flashing back those memories. It made me smile sometimes and made me cry sometimes. Mixed emotions of course because half of if wanted it and half of it thinking for my future and loneliness I must endure.

No matter how I force myself not to think of it now because it's for my future plans. I still can't because I really miss home. The scent of home, the food in the house, the wind that blows in the sea and the not-so-close family. I miss all of them, of course how can I forgot my friends who always asked for fun. They were like children but it's fine because I'm like that as well, sometimes.

These things came into my mind as I remember what was I thinking when I watched the lovely sunset. It made me express what I felt in my heart. Now that I felt lonely, those feelings and those memories coming back into my mind. What a nice view when the whole world painted in colours. I'm glad that I'm alive and well despite all things had happened. I'm thankful that I can write it and share it with you my writings, even though I'm not really good at it.

Thank you for reading