Introducing my existence in hive

unsplash by Brad Helmink

First of all, I'm not new to this platform. I landed already here before hive changed and communities came along. I prefer not to reveal myself, I'm planning to hide my identity here since I will be focusing on writing stories, blogs and etc., except for my personal story in life. I have my own account here, in that account I'll be writing as well but here is different. I'm not good at writing stories yet but even just a little you might find it interesting for sure.

A good friend mine gave me this account for free. I love to have my own blogsite and you know @engrave can provide you with that. I'm so thankful to that friend of mine who offered it free to me. I won't state my name but I will give you a bit of information about me. I'm 31 years old already and I'm a guy, a single by the way. I'm hoping to have my own novel to be published or even just people here or outside will love the story that will be made from my own imagination.

I've been writing fiction stories when I was on college but I stopped it when there were no readers that were willing to read. Unlike when I was college, I had my classmates and friends to read it. Just by seeing their expression and hearing their comments made me happy and inspired me to keep on writing. I didn't undergo of training about how to writie fiction story. It's just my own imagination and my ability to use english language a little. There were grammar that seems off a bit, it's too late when I noticed it because I already posted in hive. I'm not drafting my content, I'll write for at least 2 to 3 hours inlcude the editing and after of it I'm going to post right it away.

unsplash by Giorgio Trovato

I can assure you that that the stories I will write will come from my imagination. Though it's not perfect in constructing every word that I'll use since I'm still learning how to write. I'm also hoping that if you have time, you can check my writing and give me some tips or advice on what I need to do. I'm well aware that I'm still lacking in terms of using words and emotions that I can connect to my readers. I hope you don't mind sharing your talent with me because I'm desperately want to learn in writing stories. I really love writing stories that it's like this the reason why I still live, to write my fantasies that I want to make it come true from writing.

I am please to meet you good people in hive. I know that I have futures here in hive in terms of writing story especially the fictions. Sorry for not showing you my face, please don't think it's kind of offensive. Let's be friends and cotinue on interacting one another.