When a man loves a woman

unsplash by Everton Vila

Everything seems magical like it's not true. People can't fly but when a man feels in love, he doesn't understand why he feels like flying. There's no sugar in the emotion but for that man why it's so sweet? Every day is like a sunny day and full moon day. The happiness of that man is overflowing like there's no end of it. The man is not jumping but his heart keeps on pumping. The man will then thinking of building his dreams with that woman.

The face of that woman is no sky but for that man, he keeps on seeing stars from her eyes while watching that woman. The world is colorful that he doesn't know anymore what is the word sadness. The man is not pretending or overacting, this is just how he feels when he's in love. There's no wrong when a man falls in love with a woman. People will say it's just exaggerating how he expresses himself but the truth is. No one understands for that man how he feels because the love he's feeling is only his to feel.

unsplash by Tyler Nix

What an intense feeling when that man holds that hand of a woman. He will feel uncomfortable but deep inside he will be very happy. The warmth of that woman's hand will be on fire for sure. It's not that easy when a man really loves a woman. His heart will beat nonstop and his mind keeps on thinking how to make that woman happy always with him. He's not stressing out, he understood it differently because it's for his own happiness.

What a nice feeling indeed when you're in love. The draining energy you're feeling will be changed like you're just taking drugs medicine to feel alive again. There might be a chance to feel that broken heart but it can be forgotten as long you're too focused on loving that woman. It's important today so you can leave what will happen on another day. When you're in love, make sure to be true to yourself and do not afraid. It's part of loving someone after all.

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