I Am Listening


Not far from the small village of Sta. Cruz, there was a single house and one old person who lived there named Thomas. He loved a simple lifestyle so he dedicated himself to growing plants and cultured a few animals, like chickens, and pigs. He has a pet named Sarah, she was an ordinary breed dog. Thomas picked Sarah when he lost himself in the woods after walking with no destination, just to lose himself from pain.

Thomas refused to work in offices or other jobs that could give him a bigger salary. He only loved a simple lifestyle but his wife disliked it. His wife named Jenny abandoned him. He was broke but he couldn't do anything because Thomas was never good in the crowd. He just let his wife fly like a butterfly, if you love someone you just leave them be to make them free.

"Thomas, this is not the kind of life I wanted, sorry."

That's what his wife told him before she left. Thomas begged of course but his wife was determined. She left but Thomas stayed. Since then he always had a broken heart, even so, he kept going.


One time when Thomas roamed around the woods not far from his land he saw a man tying a rope in a tree. He was bothered. He was thinking about what this young man would do. Even though he was not good at approaching people he strengthened himself and voiced out.

"Excuse me, young man."

The young man didn't look back but replied.

"Leave me alone old man. I'm tired of this kind of life."

Thomas was right of thinking that the young was attempting to commit suicide.

"Sorry, but can we just talk first? I was looking for someone to talk to because I felt so lonely being alone."

He said an excuse just to let the young man pause for what he was trying to do.

"But why, Mister?"

The young man replied and then the conversation went on.

"My wife abandoned me because….."

Their conversations made the young man lift his heart.

"Sometimes life sucks but sometimes it's amazing. That's just life, we are humans that we could feel pain but part of it is that we could feel happiness as well. All we need is to endure it and live with it."

"Thank you, sir."

The young man left with a smile.

"Feel free to come anytime. I'm always here."

After a couple of days another young man who was attempting to commit suicide. Again, he didn't let it happen so of course he didn't let it be. He stood there for him. He spent time with him to listen. He knew that a depressed person needs someone to be there for them. He understood that people who would attempt to end their life because they felt not needed. Just like him when his wife abandoned him. He wanted to do it because he thought there was no reason for living. Although, he thought broadly that there were still things that could make him happy.

He witnessed a lot of people trying to end their life but he did his best not to let them. He might be an ordinary person but he could be someone that would be needed. Though it was painful to hear their pains, he accepted it all and answered it with a smile. He knew that in the simplest way, he could save someone from suffering.