unsplash by Pablo Merchan Montes

Love is a very wonderful feeling a human could have. Everything seems magical and sometimes delusional. We're seeing things that it shouldn't exist from the first place but you can't tell if it doesn't exist. We're being blinded by our feelings that letting us to feel and to see impossible things. Well. we're in love so it doesn't matter as long as we're happy with it. We didn't think too much what's around us when we're being too focus on our love.

We must realistic as well about this so-called love. We must understand that love is not just about happiness. Sadness and any kind of pain is part of being in love. Did you have an idea that hatred comes from too much love? It is the negative effect of being in love just like wen someone decided to end the relationship. The love that you once felt will replace with pain and that kind of pain will grow into hate. You started hating that person you love because of what she/he done to you.

Did you know why we're still holding on to that love that we thought still there? We can't move on because we're hoping that it will be back. Actually it's just a lie, you just can't accept that the one we love forgot us already and it gives us too much heartache. We're asking a closure because we're just hoping that we can talk to them and beg them for a chance. A closure is not the reason why we still think of not letting go of our past. I know how it feels when someone leaves you even though we showed too much love. For us, it's unacceptable because we don't want the relationship to end.

unsplash by Kelly Sikkema

I'm telling you, that kind of mindset is very wrong even though when we're in love it's hard for us to think clearly. It has nothing to do with the closure of why you can't continue your own life. The closure was just made from the first place because of the formalities that we wanted to be. We were friends and we have an intimate feeling from one another. That's why we thought that leaving someone so sudden without proper words seems childish. Then, we come up with closure as if we will agree that the one we love doesn't love us anymore. The truth is, it's just a stupid reason for those who don't want to break up so that they won't feel guilt by leaving someone hanging.

That's why if you're one of those people who are still stuck of that love belief named "no closure." This is the time to realize that you just brought this kind of idea because you're afraid to let go. You're afraid to accept that you and her or you and him are all over. The dreams, the plans, and the feeling you've built won't come true. It is painful of course but it will be more painful when you will continue this kind of stupid lies from yourself. Be responsible for your feelings and forget that word "needs closure."

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