The Legend of Batarya Rock in San Francisco Southern Leyte

Once upon a time, it happened in one of the towns in Southern Leyte named San Francisco. There was a young fisherman named Peter who was always spearfishing. In his teenage years, he was alone going to the sea for fishing. Night and day, when he felt like it he would go fishing to have food on the table.

One time, it was at dawn when he decided to go to the sea for an early fishing trip. He was reluctant but somehow curious of what was the sound he heard. He stepped his feet in the sea and the sweet serene voice got louder. He dove under but still, the sound of a woman was there.

Not far from the shore, there was a big rock rise on the surface when it was low tide. He slowly swam towards there, a hint feeling that the voice came from there. He was nearer and it became brighter. His body was shaking but still excited about what was there.

Surprisingly, no one was there but only a single piece of long hair on the rock. It was shining as if it was made of gold. Instantly, he picked it up and hid in his undershirt while looking at his surroundings.

He returned home fast and placed it in his bed. There was a belief for fishermen that when you found something unnatural in the sea Pick it and hide it because it would be a lucky charm. He believed it and so, that’s what he did.

“Peter, come to me.”

An image of a beautiful woman who was calling him. A white skin as pale as sand but she had an uncommon beauty.

Peter didn’t know what was going on but he saw himself walking towards that woman.

All of a sudden he opened his eyes and found himself beside the shoreline. It was still night so the surroundings were dark but there was some part of it that was bright like morning.

There he saw the woman in his dreams, sitting on the shore and smiling towards him.

“This is love”, he said to himself.

He was captivated by that woman’s beauty and he couldn’t control himself but felt fantasized by the woman. He had in mind that this woman was a mermaid but still, he could not stop himself from falling for her.

The woman introduced herself to Peter that she was Liza. Their friendship started and then became together always as they realized they fell to one another. Every night they met up in the sea and spent most of their time together. They’re happily together, sometimes going to Peter’s house as well.

Some fishermen were getting jealous seeing Peter always selling expensive fish. They thought something was not right about it. It’s just absurd, how in the world Peter caught those when it’s almost everyday.

Some of them worked together to spy on Peter to learn of the truth. Within the first week, they didn’t find any or learn anything. However, when those fishermen went to go fishing. They saw Peter first who was rising in the surface from the sea and then a woman followed him. Not just an ordinary woman after seeing it had a tail of a fish.

Some of them rushed on running towards them while others hesitated to do the same. Even so, the thought of having a lucky charm from the mermaid to catch fish always was on their mind. The noises of the fishermen notified Peter immediately. Right away, he told Liza to go under the sea and hide. He also added that he would only rise when he fetched her under the sea.

It’s been a week but Peter didn’t go to the sea to meet her. Liza then got worried about what might happen. He decided to rise and change her appearance so she could walk on the surface like a human.

She arrived at Peter's house and her face frowned. She was anguished and at the same time was furious. He saw Peter being tied up at his house door. Peter didn’t say anything about Liza, so the villagers forsaken him. Liza learned everything while they were walking towards the sea.

“Just take me with you Liza, under the sea we live together.”

Peter begged while feeling the pain of the bruises and wounds created from the villager.

“I don’t care about this village. I don’t have a family or relatives to stay here after all.”

“But can not live under the sea, you know that.”

Liza replied with a sad truth even though she felt sorry for Peter.

“You have a magic, right” Come on Liza, please I’m begging you, I hate the feeling thinking I’d be separated from you.”

“Sorry Peter, there’s no magic like that. It’s true that there are things we mermaids can do but there are also things we can not do about it. I’m sorry, really.”

Peter cried after learning the truth and Liza too. Liza hugged Peter tightly. Suddenly, Liza thought of a way to solve their problems about not being separated anymore.

“Don’t worry Peter, I will make sure only death separates us.”

Liza said it with a happy face.

As of today, you can find Batarya Rocks at the Brgy. of Napantao San Francisco Southern Leyte. It’s located approximately 100 meters away from the shore. It’s like an island but only pure rocks you can find there. It’s popular in the town because of curiosity about how in the world this rock is in there. It’s so big that most people found it interesting. Even the sea can not cover it or sync it under during low tide.

No one knows how it is in there but according to the old people. This rock has been here for 100 years or more already but the legend says; There was a man who was deeply in love with a mermaid and decided not to separate them even in their differences. Since the mermaid has the power to talk to the fish. She ordered them to build this rock so that the man could build a house there. They made it taller so the house could withstand even in a high tide season. It is true or not but the Rock can still be found until now.

Thank you for reading