Coffee break


Ahem, actually this is not a coffee break because as of now I'm not employed. It's just a reason for mine to give a good title. I just called it a coffee break to have more talking while observing in our platform and on Twitter. I just hope that you saw them as well in Twitter that making some noise about the hive. Isn't them so lively to keep on talking about our platform? Talking about the value of it that will rise bigger to $1.

Well, that's good since the day that hive was immerged we promoted it on Twitter. We are doing that until now so that they will be aware of how nice to join in a blockchain that is being taken care of the community. Unlike the other platforms that it seems being one-sided. Hive is different because of its decentralisation but not totally. There is still governance so that it will be organised well. It's normal that there were bad behaviour and unlawful activities. It can't be helped because wherever we go. There will be people who always don't want to follow the rules.

Leave them be and we will back at them with full force if they are being too much. For now, let's focus on lifting up the hive. It's not just us who will benefit us but all of us for now and for the future. Just be patient because there are no shortcuts in achieving something. If others will go, let them be so if our hard work paid us. I know for sure they will regret leaving us hanging.

Little, we could feel the juice of our hard work. The price of the hive is slowly going up. When this price grows bigger we will expect too many users to join us. It will not be too late for them but I could tell that we will benefit the most. It's not far from happening since almost every day we made the #hive trending on Twitter. Just a little bit more and the time we spent promoting will not be wasted.

That's why just take time and have a break once. We need that before our room will be full of money. We will be busy at that time for sure while waiting for the money to rain on us. Just like a thunderstorm in the season of winter. It will be perfect since Christmas is coming. Now, come let's have a cup of coffee.

thank you for reading