My New Love Story in Town

“Why is it hard to breathe? I need a quiet place where I can relax and lessen the pain.”

Ryan stopped his motorcycle along the Habay Road. The wind engulfed his body and immediately he felt it. He stood up, closed his eyes and spread both arms. He felt good and even just a little, his sadness relieved.

“Who is that?”

He was surprised when he opened his eyes and felt embarrassed because someone was there, not far from where he was standing.

He felt kind of sad seeing the woman from a distance. He thought they were the same as he observed her seriously.

A deep thought. Ryan was lost on the beach of Sanama. He sat on the white sand beach, watching the Batarya Rocks while remembering the sweet memories with his ex-girlfriend. Sadly, the two of them happy together were just memories.

The enchanted sound of the wind from the sea brought her eyes following it.

“That was the same woman I saw in the Habay Road.”

She was that person in that Habay Road with a sadistic vibe. He could tell that this woman was in the same shoes as his. He pulled his courage and decided to stand and thought of approaching the woman. He stood and–


“Who is this, this time?”

A sudden call from his friend. He was invited to go with them tomorrow at Camagung Beach. They said there would be girls but he was not interested.

“Where? Camagung Beach?”

He overheard that woman from a distance so he changed his mind about thinking of refusing his friend's invitation.

Ryan enjoyed his time by watching that woman from before. He then found out that her name was Shana when one of her friends called her and about going to Cuasi Hills.

Shana was graceful. Ryan thought something was hindering her not to loosening all up her happiness. Ryan was thinking of having a conversation with an introduction first but he was afraid that his friends might tease him. That’s why he just kept on watching her and kept on.

“She’s pretty.”

Ryan was surprised to himself that he began to appreciate the beauty of other women except for his ex. He glimpsed and looked away.

Ryan was stunned when the sun started rising. Like a gold of light was rising and then brightened the world.


He could not restrain himself this time. He felt inspired when the sun was rising and the face of Shana was highlighted. He thought of being honest with his feelings.


Ryan looked away while being embarrassed but blushing. Shana was dumbfounded by what he heard from Ryan. Slowly, Shana smiled and turned her back from Ryan.

Ryan was hoping for Shana along the Napantao Sanctuary shore. One of his friends learned that Shana might be leaving in a few days. He was walking when he saw Shana was sitting on the seawall of Sanctuary. He immediately walked faster towards Shana. He was in a hurry that he was afraid he could not introduce himself to Shana to be her friend.

"San Francisco Southern Leyte I promise to return again."

He overheard Shana when he was near. He felt kind of sad but he knew that stopping her in achieving her dreams was wrong to do for someone who truly loves.

“So you’re leaving?”

Shana was startled when she heard someone talking.

“Oh forgive me. I know you’ve been seeing me lately but I was just embarrassed to bring myself to say to you who I am.”

“No, it’s alright,” Shana replied.

“By the way, my name is Ryan. Can we be friends?”

Ryan felt like a torn was removed in his feet when finally he talked to Shana this time.

Shana chuckled because of Ryan’s expression and actions when doing an introduction.

“Sorry, I was just happy.”

“No, actually it’s kind of cute.”

They both smiled facing one another and shook their hands.