A birthday message to my sister

My sister started working at an early age because of poverty. She went through a lot in order to survive because of hardship in life. She is not thinking about herself only but her family as well. She sent us to school, she gave us home to live and many more not to experience what she experienced when she's young. She's in abroad for more than 2 decades to work as a domestic helper. But she never complained about it because her love for us is unconditional.


Happy birthday my older sister. You are getting older but your love to us still the same. We couldn't measure how much sacrifice you give to us. The time you weren't here with us because you were busy working in a far far away. We know it's cold there but I think being far away from your family is much colder. We never hear you're complaining and we never saw you're crying. Even so, we are aware of how much sadness you've been through just for us.

The sacrifices you did for us and for yourself. I know it's worth it because you have a successful life compared to us. We all know that compared to us the enjoyment you've been through is different. I'm not saying you're not having fun there because we can see it in your face. We may have no idea how you became very happy but we are so thankful and happy for you.

Today is your birthday nang. I hope you will have a happy life, many days to come in the future. Maybe words are only we can offer to you now but you know how much we wanted to do some other things for you. We are sorry for sometimes that might offended you. Sometimes it's just unavoidable but we are not getting mad because we are aware of your situation. No words are enough to state how much we are thankful to you. This is just the first time I wrote for you but even before I wanted to do this to you. I write it like this because we know what kind of relationship we have as a family. Poverty is the reason and you are aware of it and we are aware of it.

Again have a happy birthday and have a blissful day.

thank you for reading