The inkwell writing challenge | "What is Christmas?"

[A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words] "A walking grasshopper"

Once upon a time in a grass village of grasshopper or known as "Hop village." There was this one grasshopper who couldn't jump like the others and his name was grasskan. He wanted to die wh

Quarantine day 2 (paranormal true story) Tagalog english

Tagalog "WOOOOHHHH...." "Ano kaya yon? Baka malakas na hangin lang." Tinanong ang sarili sa mahinang boses kahit nag-alala. Nag aasta akong walang narinig at kinausap an

The Promise

pixabay December 8, 1941, when the Japanese launched a surprise attack through aerial bombs in

Land of heroes

unsplash In a So

My bully girlfriend

"Bro, why are you still single? Aren't you planning to get married?" Victor asked me because I'm already 30 but still I have no girlfriend since birth. "I'm searching for the right one, bro," I replied but actually I'm eager to have o



The listener

"What do you want? What are you trying to say when you died already?" My late mother shows up after she died already for a year through a ghost form.

Cursed (alone)

pixabay "Lance, why are you stopping me? Why are you defending these people's lives here? Aren'


pixabay "Why you didn't stop me to leave you? Did you find someone deserves your love?" Sheena sai