Break Free?


John was a responsible father and a husband as well. He kept doing his best to make sure his family had a good life. He was happy but it was not that point fully. He felt like something was missing, something he was hiding and wanted to show. He just couldn't or else his family would hate him.

One time, he was told by his wife to go to a beach. He was meeting a person to have a discussion about their business, clothing apparel. To his surprise, that person was something he knew long ago when they were in high school.

"Oh, John how are you?"

John was surprised that this girl-like in a masculine body but fully covered with makeup.

"Sorry, but who are you?"

John was confused but wondered who she was. That person smiled at him, wagging her hips and posing like a beauty queen.
"Of course, you would not recognize me. Just look how pretty I am now."

That person continued smiling while teasing him.

"Come on, who you really are?"

John started to get annoyed.


"Okay, this is me, Aaron. Your high school classmate and a neighbor for a short time. Oh, by the way, you can call me Ara now."


John could hardly believe that this woman who faced him was the same person from back then. A brave and muscular classmate. Who would ever think that he was a girl inside?

"John, I recognized you. Our blood has the same color. No matter how you fooled the people around you to hide the real you. Sorry, but you can't lie to me."

John was speechless and felt awkward. He couldn't find a single reason to escape from the truth. What Ara said was true but he was just surprised that even how he hid it really hard. People could tell that he was a woman inside, especially when it was the same as them.

He nodded his head and stayed silent.

"Don't worry. I understood your situation fully. You should be the one to break your shells. Although, I suggest you be honest with yourself so you can be free. In that way, you can reach the peak of your happiness.

"Thank you"

John replied and continued their conversations about their business. He just felt uneasy because he began to doubt his existence as a father and a husband. However, he remembered that he was already happy with that. Even though he was hiding the girl inside him. It was okay for him to keep it hidden since he didn't want to lose what he has right now.

He thought that it was not about shouting who he really was. It was about how he could stay the same with what he treasured the most and that was his family.