My First Love


I was 10 years old back then when I couldn't explain what I was feeling. Every time I saw Mona the same grade as me but in the next section. I felt happy that I didn't notice why I was suddenly smiling just by watching her. Of course, I did that when she was not looking in my direction and when she did I immediately looked away, acting like I was hiding myself with just my own eyes.

Every morning, I came to the school first so no one was around yet. I did that to make sure no one would see me placing a quote in her chair. When she arrived, I watched her from a distance reading my quote written on a small piece of paper while smiling. I secretly hid while watching her and of course, it made me happy like I felt I was in heaven.

Many times I tried to approach her because I wanted to be her friend at least. Although, many times I failed because I was hesitant whenever so and I was afraid. I was okay with it because I was already happy just by glimpsing at her. However, it was not when I never saw her for the whole day. I came in the morning and waited for her to go to school but she never did. The class just ended but there was no sign of her presence. I thought she was just absent but for days, weeks, and even the whole semester she never shows up. That's the time I realized Mona, my ultimate crush, transferred to another school that I didn't know about and made me sad like there's no meaning to going to school every day.


Each day going to school was always dark for me. I couldn't see any colors of my life knowing Mona was not there to inspire me. I just spent most of the time at the shore or any place where it's lonely so I could imagine her face. In that way, I could relieve the sadness of missing her.

Years passed, I thought I could forget her but I was still hoping to see her. I was in college and enrolled in the next town. Too many new faces obviously and it made me uncomfortable.


The teacher started the roll call.


"Present, Maam."

I slowly raised my hand when I was called.


I looked back as soon as I heard her name and just wanted to make sure if it was her.

"Yes ma'am, present."

I smiled when I looked back as I recognized Mona immediately just by seeing her eyes and charming smile. I was embarrassed when she looked at me and smiled even though I was very happy. I couldn't help my emotion inside that I was overjoyed because I saw Mona again. I couldn't wait to get to know her this time and would make sure to confess.

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