Mr Calmer (drama, supernatural, romance)

The inkwell writing challenge | "What is Christmas?"

When our eyes meet

A foreigner



I burst into tears as I couldn't believe what my family did to me. "You're not my real brother." Painful words from my beloved brother. After working abroad so much to support my family by and giving food. This is what I heard


"Don't be afraid Sheena. I will be here for you." I said and then Sheena hugs me with falling tears. Sheena escaped from her parents because of me. Her parents didn't want me to their daughter.

[A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words] "A walking grasshopper"

Once upon a time in a grass village of grasshopper or known as "Hop village." There was this one grasshopper who couldn't jump like the others and his name was grasskan. He wanted to die wh

The flute (drama)

Jaco and Mano were best of friends since they were young. They used to play in the hills. They were lying in the grass and together watching the sky. "I hope we could stay like this forever Jaco," Mano said while gasping. Jaco