Taxi Driver


Johny stopped the taxi he was driving right in front of the cemetery. He saw a hand waving, a sign that someone wanted to ride. He couldn't tell whether it was a man or a woman. The headlight of his taxi was turned low but when he saw it he turned it high. He did not see someone there but he thought someone just did a prank on him. He stopped and then looked around.

No one was there, he was convinced. He tried to drive but he was startled when someone showed up at the window. Wearing a white face the same as white color paint. She stared at him and because of it, he was terrified. Johny thought it was a white lady or a white ghost wearing a white wedding dress. He just slowly moved his eyes downward to stop looking in the eyes to each other.

"Relax, Mister. This is just make-up for our event."

The woman laughed at him while he was still scared.

"Don't scare me like that young lady," He jokingly said while rubbing his chest and smiling.

The woman just kept on laughing and looked away.

"Here you are."

Johny said when they arrived at the destination of that woman.


Johny continued driving again and thought to go home for now. He thought of resting early after the fear he felt. Even so, he was still recovering from the fear he just felt. He was very conscious of his surroundings. He was very mindful of every sound he heard and he was imagining the life form he saw. It's like he was hallucinating. He just diverted his mind by singing and roaming around his eyes.

All of a sudden when he passed on a street light. The light was blinking and blinking and then a cold feeling engulfed his whole body. He's not freezing but his veins seemed traumatizing and shaking. And then the wheel is squeaking right after Johny stepped the brake so tight. He was very furious when he saw someone in the passenger seat at the back.

He held himself not to react boldly. Slowly and slowly, turned his head while his body remained in the same direction. When he saw the woman nodding his head to avoid eye contact. His head returned facing the front. He looked in the mirror and said,

"Your friend left earlier ago."

Johny thought that this woman was a companion of his passenger not long ago that left. The woman didn't say anything and maintained herself looking downwards.

"Can you go out now? I'm going home. Please?"

His voice was shaking. Johny could tell that this was a bad feeling.


The woman replied and looked at him through the use of the mirror. Fearly. Johny closed his eyes immediately and nodded.

When he opened his eyes he saw the woman just passed the wall. Johny could tell that this woman was a ghost after she penetrated the wall as if the wall was never there. He just blindly closed his eyes and decided to look away.

The woman left the taxi and slowly walked away. Johny was patiently waiting for the ghost to leave far so he could drive away as fast. He waited and waited but he felt like the time was very slow. He was shaking already and he wanted the ghost to be out of his sight.

When he felt relieved that the woman's ghost was quite far. He started the engine and he thought of driving away. The wheels were screeching, it was very obvious that he was in a rush. However, the ghost heard the sound and stopped walking. Slowly turning her head fully and looking at her back, she smiled at Johny with piercing eyes.
Johny didn't know what to do next, he drove his car at the same time when another car passed at a very fast speed.