Randy felt exhausted, problems there, and worries there. He didn't know what he should do anymore. He was walking and walking, letting his feet take control. He hallowed his thoughts that he was thinking of giving up.

"Where am I?"

He asked himself, watching the surroundings.


For an instant, he felt magnificent. In the beautiful green environment, flowers were blooming, and the leaves of trees were shimmering.


He inhales briefly. The air was so fresh and charming.

"Wait, why?"

Strange. He felt his tears falling but he had a good feeling. He was not sad at all but he was so happy.

"Maybe I should just start a new life here."

He said to himself in a place where nothing could be seen but only the beautiful nature.

"Ooops", he smiled while touching his stomach.

He felt hungry and luckily there were fruits to eat in some trees. He didn't know but he thought this place was a paradise.
After enjoying himself eating the fruits he lay down in the grass. Feeling the grass touches his body and his soul.

He didn't realize that he fell asleep and it was afternoon when he woke up. He thought of sleeping there. Hurriedly, he was searching for where he could shelter. He was so lucky that he found an old barn.

"Excuse me, anyone? Is anyone here?"

He said it repeatedly but no one answered.

"I'm sorry for barging in."

He went inside immediately.


The birds were chirping. The sound of the leaves that looked like dancing. The chilling gust of wind. That's what Randy experienced when he woke up and went outside. He took a walk around the barn and luckily he found materials for gardening. Shovel, hoe, axe, bolo, or sharp material, and many more. He was so happy to find these materials and he thought that it was alright to use them all since no one was around.

He started plowing fields but he thought of building his shelter first. Just a simple one, as long as it was good for shelter and also to make him safe from animals. He then cut branches of trees to use as the foundations of the house. He climbed coconut trees to use the leaves as roofs.

He thought his materials were enough to build a simple house like a traditional house of Filipinos named Bahay Kubo. After building his small house he went back to working in the fields. He was thinking of planting vegetables, fruits, and rice crops since this will be his main dish.

He was not worried about finding those crops and vegetables because he knew that the forest was rich in them. He was confident of it, well, he just became because of the environment that surrounded him. All of a sudden he became positive about life and the down feeling of him faded. He felt like he was ready to face his life now.