Food for Sister


"Amie, wait for me here. I'll go out first to search for food for both of us."

I ignored the fact that my stomach was already making a sound as a sign of hunger. What was important for me at that time was to find food for my 5-year-old sister. Since our parents died and we became orphans it was I who took care of my younger sister. She didn't understand the world now because of her younger age. As her brother, even though I was just 12 years old I could manage to find food for us.

"Please don't go, big brother. I don't need food, all I need is you."

I hugged her while tears fell along but I stopped to create a sound or else she'd be sad for me. I hugged her tightly and said,

"Don't worry, big brother will never go away. I promise I'll be back and will bring you delicious food."

I smiled at her even though I was unsure how to find food. All I thought was that for her I could do everything. I wore her thick clothes since it was December just to make sure she would not feel so cold while I was away.

She stopped crying and I took my leave and could no longer reach her sight. I went immediately into different houses to beg for food. It has been 3 days since we didn't have enough food. We only ate 1 piece of small bread every meal and just drank more water to ease our hungry stomachs.

Unfortunately, no one was kind enough to share their spare food. I went to restaurants to collect their garbage hoping there would be leftovers there. Unexpectedly, a man suddenly kicked me and I fell down.

"Go away trash, filthy kid!!"

"All I want is just leftovers, sir. My sister is waiting for me, very hungry."

I begged that guy to let me be but he wouldn't let me. He kicked me again so I had no choice but to leave, crawling, feeling the pain where I was hit.


I left my sister in the morning but sadly it's already going too dark and there's no single food I could find. Another tear slowly fell, one by one as I could think how unfair the world was to see other children so happy with their parents together. Even though I was not old enough I fully understood how the world has forsaken us.

The rain suddenly fell, enduring the coldness, and continuing searching for food in the garbage. I kept crying while searching for food but thankfully a nice old man handed me food.

"Hey kid"

I thought I would be kicked or hit again when I heard someone. Fortunately, he handed me food, a burger, spaghetti, fried chicken, and a small amount of money.

"Thank you very much, Mister."

I cried my heart out receiving so much food from the old man. I left the tears flooding my eyes but I smiled. I was so happy to receive delicious food while thinking of my younger sister.

"Thank you again, Mister."

I said to the old man and he smiled. I ran as fast as I could to give this food to my sister. We were staying at the bridge for the time and it would be an hour before I reached it when running. I was so excited to give it to her and because of it, I was imagining her facial expressions having this food. I was thinking that she'd enjoy eating a lot of food while eating it together.

I caught my breath when I stopped running. I finally arrived at the bridge and started shouting, calling her name.

"Amie—-! Amie—???"

I thought she was sleeping since it was already evening. That's why I was thinking of her waking up instead.

"Amie….Amie, wake up. I brought delicious food for you."

I held her arm and shook it to wake her up while smiling.

"Hey Amie, come on, wake up big brother is here."

I kept waking her up over and over again but she wouldn't open her eyes. I woke her up desperately but still, nothing had changed.


I shouted desperately because when my tears started to fall my conscience realized that Amie was dead. I just kept calling her because I refused to accept it.

"Amie…please don't leave me."

I hugged her tightly and continued weeping. I never stopped and I didn't know until when I'd stop.