Yes, Man


"Why do people love Jason that much? What makes him different from the others?"
Questions from Dana but at the same time curiosity.

Dana didn't realize her friend Samantha was at her back suddenly appeared.

"--Jason is a nice and kind person. He was always there when someone needed help. Above all, he's a pure-hearted guy."

"Hi, Jason!" All of a sudden, Samantha greeted Jason when passed them while Samantha looked back without seeing how Jason smiled at her.

"Hmmmmp", that's what she sounded and frowned her face.

"I don't understand why you hate Jason that much. He doesn't have everything, family and profession and yet he's still there being positive in life." Samantha wondered.

"That's what makes him so annoying", she whispered that only she could hear.

It was morning when people gathered to buy fish along the shore. Jason just docked with his small boat after spear-fishing for the whole night. He caught not that much but he estimated it would just be 3 kg of fish.

"Hey Dana, I heard your mother is not feeling well today. I won't sell this fish but I will just give it to you", Jason offered.

Immediately, Dana got annoyed. She thought that Jason might think she could not afford the fish.

"Excuse me, I can buy it all if I want to. I saved money from my previous job as a nurse abroad", Dana exclaimed.

Jason understood what was going on so he twisted the words he said.

"No, I meant you could buy this fish because I would not sell this to others. Your mother needs to eat fresh fish to become strong again."

"Yeah, it's more like that." Arrogantly answered by Dana.
Jason just smiled because he knew Dana was a prideful woman.

"I'd just clean the fish and send it to your home."

"Okay, I will be there in the house waiting", Dana just said.

The people there stayed silent and began to murmur when Dana left.
"What an arrogant woman."
"Who do you think she is?"
"Just worked abroad and she acted like that?"

"Okay, okay. Enough for that everyone. No bad-mouthing one another, we are in the same village. Let's be friends and on good terms because no one can help each other during hard times."

Jason stopped the people to make the murmuring get worse. He thought it would not be good if someone would hear what they were talking about and relay it to Dana.


After Jason cleaned the fish he walked towards Dana's house to bring the fish.


Jason called Dana when he arrived at the front of Dana's house.

"Oh, Jason, you are here?" Dana's mother welcomed Jason.

Jason waved his hand while smiling and said, "Hi Ma'am Weng. I'm here to bring you the fish. This will be good for you to regain your strength", while he did some actions.

Dana's mom was smiling after what Jason did and said.

"The fish is very fresh and it will be perfect to cook it with soup. I know you know what kind of soup we love to eat here if the fish is fresh."

Ma'am Weng noticed that Jason was walking away while saying those words and she hadn't paid him.

"Hey, Jason, wait a moment for the payment of the fish."

"It's okay Ma'am, I haven't seen you for a while looking strong and lively. The fish is just a small matter to see the townsfolk happy again. You know I have no family so every one of you in this small village is my family."

Jason said it to Ma'am Weng with a very pleased face.

"I have a request though Ma'am Weng."

"What is it, Jason?"

"Please don't let your daughter, Dana, come to my home just to pay for that fish. I gave it to you like a family member wholeheartedly and refusing it will be painful to me, so please."

"Okay, Jason, thank you," they both smiled and then Jason left.

Days passed after the typhoon left an impact on the villagers, no one saw Jason. The last time he was being seen was the time during the typhoon. He was busy helping the other villagers to evaluate in a safer place. Everyone was worried about him but he ignored them and continued helping despite the danger he was in.

"That's why I loathe you, Jason. You don't care what happens to you as long as other people are safe." Dana cried along the shore, throwing small rocks into the sea.

"You idiot! Idiot!" Dana gasped while crying.

Dana was mad at Jason but the truth was she was just guilty. Back then, Jason sacrificed himself when Dana was almost hit by a car. Jason almost died because of it, he was in a coma for weeks. Dana felt really guilty because it was her clumsiness that almost sent her into danger.

Now, seeing Jason was still doing the same. She couldn't bear to see Jason to be in danger again and just as of the moment. No one saw where he was, Dana was frustrated to see him because she was afraid of what happened to him.


Upon hearing the name of Jason, Dana stood up immediately. She searched where that voice came from and then she found Jason full of dirt and looked very pale.

"Where were you, idiot?"

Dana couldn't hide her true emotions anymore. She was so worried about Jason that she didn't care if there were people around to see her in a mess like that. She hugged Jason tightly, crying and said, "Please, think of the people that worry you when you're in danger. Don't be selfish and just do things the way you want them."

"Sorry, Dana…"

Jason couldn't say a word seeing how Dana was, he wanted to say he was brought to a faraway place because of the flood. He just hugged her back and smiled.

"You should be, you don't know how much you hurt me by hurting yourself and sending yourself in danger. It's okay to help but you need to think of yourself first before others."

"Okay, sorry Dana."