Under the tree (2)

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We've been going out with Cathleen for over a month but I don't consider it as a date. We just went in the shore, in the park, outside of their house and in the street. Well, happiness was still there but I want more. I also wanted her to think that I'm not just seeing her as a friend. I want her to think that I wanted her to be my girlfriend.

"Hey Cathleen, are you free tomorrow?"

"Let me see....hmmm, yeah, why?"

"Can I ask you to go out with me? I want to go to a certain place?" I said while trembling.

"Where is it?"

I smiled and, "secret." I walked away to go home and ready for tomorrow.

Morning has come but I feel like I didn't sleep. I'm so excited about this day that I kept on thinking last night what to do. But anyway, I started walking towards their house to fetch her. When I arrived she's already there waiting for me.


I was stunned as I am seeing her wearing that beautiful dress. She's really so pretty, the lips, the nose, and everything about her. They are all beautiful.

"Jef, Jef, aren't you afraid that fly will go inside into your mouth?" She said as I spaced out staring at her.

"Oh, sorry." I feel embarrassed by what I just showed. I think it's fine because she just smiled.

We ride in a taxi in going there. When she's looking at the window I slowly move my eyes without moving my head to see her beauty. It takes 30 minutes to arrive in that place. I didn't open a conversation so that I can freely stare at her. As staring at her for long I noticed she's glimpsing. I feel embarrassed again because I think she noticed me staring at her.

"Ahem.." I just start talking to change the mood. She looks at me as she heard me and smile. Then again I spaced out as she shows me with her beautiful smile.

"Ah, you really are pretty Cathleen." I suddenly said out of nowhere.

I covered my mouth and turned my back at her.
"What did you just said again." In my thoughts, while slowly take a peek at her and I'm surprised that she's looking at me smiling.

"Ah, I'm going to die." I thought I said into my mind but she asked me.

"What, why are you going to die?" She's laughing and I'm thinking about an to explain what I just said.

"Nothing, I saw a movie and I just copied what the main character said."

"What a foolish reason." In my thoughts.

She continues laughing until we arrived at the place I wanted to be. She stopped walking and starts watching the surrounding.

"So pretty." She whispered.

"Right?" I replied.


I bring her in the flower garden. I wanted her to feel that life is beautiful. That there are many beautiful things in life. We must not let our emotions devours us.

We go inside and start eating there. After eating we take a walk around the garden and to see more beauty. I want to keep on talking while we are walking around.

"There are many things in this world Cath that can ease your pain. Life is a blessing that was given to us. We just forget it when we are being eaten by our pain. I hope you don't do those things anymore. If you don't know who you can talk to, who you can be with and who you can rely on. My shoulder is always ready for you to lean on."

Suddenly, Cath is crying and it makes me worried.

"Cath, why? What did I do? I'm sorry."

She smiled at me and said. "No, I wAs touched by your words and I feel thankful because you made me realise how wonderful is life. Since the incident of throwing stone under that tree, you changed me. I felt down back then but when I heard you shouted ouch. I couldn't help myself to be worried and smiled because you were there."

I showed and intimidating looks and said. "I wasn't shouted back then and if I was. Did my voice sound really awkward?"

She laughs at me while looking at each other. We both laughed as we recall some of our awkward past before. But time is not endless, it's getting dark so it's time for us to go home.



We arrived at their house and we took off in the taxi. I still keep on talking to Cathleen while laughing. All of a sudden she becomes silent. When I look in her eyes, she's crying. I followed where her eyes looking on. I then saw her ex-boyfriend Greg is there sitting in his car. I want to approach that guy and thinking to beat him for hurting Cathleen. But when Greg is in front of Cathleen. Cathleen is crying and hitting Greg in the chest. It's obvious to me that Cathleen still loves Greg. I don't want to go or to leave Cathleen. I don't want Greg to get Cathleen back but I couldn't do it. My chest is feeling pain when I saw Greg hugging Cathleen and Cathleen let Greg do it. Cathleen keeps on crying in the chest of Greg but I think because she missed him so much. I don't know what happens next because I started walking away while tears flooding my eyes.


When the morning comes the pain still hurting. I'm shy to go to Cathleen's house anymore. I don't know what to say because I'm thinking that I will just beg for her if I'll do that. I just stay in that tree where I used to stay. Until it comes to a week that we never talked to each other and saw each other. The truth is I really miss her but I don't want her to pity me. I'm wondering that way while sitting in that tree and enjoying the view of the sea and sky.

"DAMN YOU, Jef, you're such a chicken."

I'm surprised when Cathleen said it and threw a stone in the tree where I'm sitting. I go out to see Cathleen. She keeps on throwing stones and sands to me and said.

"After you brought me into that place and you will just keep on ignoring me?"

"But--", I keep on moving because she still continues on throwing a stone. I have no choice but to run towards her and hug her.

"I miss you so much, Cathleen. I thought you and Greg were together again." I hug her tightly while crying like a baby. She keeps on hitting my back as well and said.

"You're so idiot, I've been waiting for you to go to our house. Of course, I didn't know how to approach you after what Greg did to me while you're in front of us."

"But---," She suddenly kisses me in the lips. I'm really happy with what she's doing. I open my eyes while kissing her. I saw her face so close to me.

"Now, you know now? Yes, Greg wanted me back but I didn't want trash like him anymore. But still after what I did you never talked to me anymore."

I just smile and said, "because I didn't know what to do."

She suddenly gets stones and sands again and starts throwing to me again. I run into the shore while smiling. She wants to hit me so she comes near to me as I'm enjoying what she's doing and said.