Under the tree



I saw Cathleen hospitalised many times. She was my neighbour but we barely know each other. She was always with her boyfriend before. But when her boyfriend broke up with her. She's committing suicide many times. Thank God it failed many times as well. I'm happy that she's fine the next day. My heart still in pain seeing her like that. I don't want her to be like that because she's kind and a loving daughter. She changed when her boyfriend left her.

"I wanna die." I heard Cathleen said that to her parents while crying. I heard her mother crying and weeping. I feel sad about them but I don't know what I can help to stop Cathleen from doing that.

I am sitting under the coconut tree while watching the peaceful sea. It's the place where I used to stay because I feel relaxed there. Suddenly I heard a woman voice crying and sobbing. I feel awkward to go out because I don't want to disturb her. More especially when I take a peek it's Cathleen.

"Oh, my God what will I do." In my thoughts.


I just stay sitting and didn't move. I don't want to hear her crying because I'm afraid she might think I'm listening to her. I stay still and just focus my mind on watching the sea and the sky.

"DAMN YOU!!!" She shouted and then throw some sand and stone into the tree.

"Ouch." I unexpectedly made a sound so I covered my mouth. I slowly turned my head at the back and I saw her running towards me. I don't understand but she is smiling while wiping her tears and said.

"I'm sorry, I thought no ones there."

I touched my head where it hurts and awkwardly smiling.

"I'm fine." I lied even though it's obvious to her that it hurts.

"I'm really sorry." She continues smiling. She looks like teasing me but I'm still happy seeing her smile and rubs my head. After that incident, we used to talk when we saw each other in the street.

Then the same situations happen but she already checked in that tree if I'm not there. But she saw me already so instead of crying we just have a conversation. This time it seems serious as he asked me first.

"How are you, Jef? Did your mother still mad at you leaving your room dirty?"

I don't know how to answer that question of her. I feel so awkward because really, that's her first question to me now. I stay silent as she's laughing at me. I'm carried away by her smile and I just said.

"You're pretty Cathleen."

I didn't know what was I thinking why I said that. I saw Cathleen is blushing and her smile is awkward. She then stands up and said.

"Okay, I have to go for now because my mother is looking again to me for sure."

She starts walking as I hit my mouth and said to myself.

"What did you do, you made Cathleen upset. It's your chance to talk to her and what you've done."



Since then we used to stay in the shore and talking. I'm happy seeing her smiling while comfortably talking to me. I feel like I have the chance to court her and become my girlfriend. But I don't need to rush things so that she will not feel pressured. Anyway, we can talk casually and we can be together when I want to. We are looking good as we keep on going out together. So, for now, it's fine for me of what we have now. What's important to me is to see her become happy again.