You will always be You


Creating a new version of you will not make a better you.

Be careful of impressing other people to just to fit yourself. You may be loved by those people around you but there's no assurance that you'll be happy with it. Don't change yourself so much because time may come you'll be losing the real you. It will happen if you'll concern so much of what people think of you and you wanted to be that person. That's not what you want but since it's all about them. You'll forget the important things that matter and it's about "You."

Indeed being a human is very talented. We are flexible that if we want to change our attitude we can do it. We can control our temper because we will think that we are just being professional or a grown man. That just an example of how flexible we could be if we want to. However, we have mistakes if all we want to control our emotions all the time. We will be forgetting our substantial identity which is very wrong because that's the only way how people will know us.

Some people I saw were acting strange if they're friends were around. Their actions were different from how they acted in their home. Like someone I know was so nice when he's around us but when he's in his family he wasn't nice. Maybe that his way how to deal with his friends so that he could stay with them. Well, it's not wrong to act nice but I think it became wrong when we were pretending to be that kind of person.


The thing is, are we happy with it? There will always be a place where we can be happy. We don't need to force ourselves to be that place because we thought it's the place where our happiness can be found. If we are happy on that then why don't we show the real us with those people? Why do we need to act just for their sake? Can we forget our real happiness just to please them? Then that is not happiness, that's just ego to be that kind of person.

You don't need to change just for others. All you need to do is to show the real you so they will know what kind of person are you. Some people will understand You and some will don't. It's so simple, you don't need to hang out to those people who will not understand you. You can choose and why would you choose that will only give conflict?

Being in a place where we could expand our wings is the real place to stay. An environment that we could show our true emotions is what we need. We don't need to fake our smile just for others. We all have the rights and what we must do is to use it. Happy or sad, we must show that kind of emotions because that's how a real person should be. Always remember that pleasing others will not last for long. They want you because of what you do, not because of you. Think well and understand why "you will always be you."

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