In our daily lives, safety is essential. Who would want to put their lives in danger? Who would want to feel in pain or in hurt? Of course, everyone wants to avoid the harm that we might be experienced. No one wants to die because all of us don't want to end our lives easily. That's why wherever and whenever we will go. We make sure that there is no risk in what we will be doing. The hazard is inevitable but we can prevent it if we will apply safety precautions.

As you can see I'm in a seminar and training of BT. I never thought it will give me so much idea why our actions should be practised care. Driving a car, walking in the streets and etc. Hazards are everywhere but it doesn't mean we will get hurt just because of it. It can be avoided if we don't act carelessly and we will think in advance what could hurt us.

Although not all people don't want to be in a training course about safety. Some people think that they don't need it and some people said, "if it's your time it will be your time." We can't force someone to pass what we believe because we thought that it's the right thing to do. People have different thoughts about this matter but they're missing the point. All of us want to be safe to make sure of avoiding the risk that will end our lives.

By making sure that there's no risk in what we do. We must understand and follow the sign that will be placed in a certain area to avoid it. We will not just ignore it because it's a hassle. We must understand that our lives are in the situation. Don't think that it's impossible to happen because even if it's just 1% to happen. It will still happen and we have no assurance that it will not.

Observations and knowledge is the one thing we must remember. Don't rush things if there will be a possibility that our lives will be in danger. Don't take shortcuts and imagine this will be for our own good. It's not better to be late about this matter because our lives will not return if it will be taken. We only have one life and we can't have it again if we want. Safety is a must at all cost and you need knowledge for us to learn it.


We will not say that they were wrong when they said, "studying will be useless if someone being afraid of the situation." After all, it's true because we will forget what we've learned sometimes if our mind will be devoured by fear. It's normal to run from it or just escape from it to make sure our lives will not be in danger. The problem is if you don't have the knowledge you will not know what to do when your help is significant as of that moment.

Let's say for example being a first aider. What if one of your family will experience being collapsed? What will you do when there's no around to help someone and your help will be needed while waiting for those medical care to treat them? If you're a first aider you will know the basic of what to do to save someone's lives.

If you will have an idea you will not be panicked and will implement the first thing you need to do. You will feel relax because you have the knowledge that someone who will collapse will not die right away. Checking the situation of that person then call for help so that the responder will arrive. While waiting for them arrive you will make sure that you're doing something to prolong someone's lives. Instead of being a watcher, you will be the one to take action by implementing CPR.

By doing so, you will revive someone's breathing and the medical personnel will do the rest if they will now arrive. You're not just feeling good by helping someone but you will feel amazing because you save lives.

thank you for reading