Why should go to the mountain?

The pandemic threatened us because of numbers of people were being confirmed dead. Not only that, the pandemic spreading in every country like dust in the wind. Who will not be afraid when our lives are being at risk? We don't want our lives to end just like but we want it to be longer and to enjoy more the beauty of the world. That's why because of this fear from a pandemic, it's hindering us to go outside. We wanted to be outside but we must not make sure we are healthy and safe from this pandemic.

Now this time of crisis, those who are in the province are so lucky, and why is that? We all know that most province is not populated by numbers of people. Even in time like this they can still free to go outside because the number of cases is so low and it was stopped in spreading the virus. However, we must not let our guard down and still be vigilant of this pandemic. Remember that we cannot see this kind of enemy or the virus.

If you're being curious who is this woman acting as my model. Well, she's my friend on Facebook and I've been watching her story every day or every story he will share. I envied her in going to the mountain I think every day. I'm not that sure because I wasn't there to witness it, just watching her story and she's uploading it every day. Let's just assume that she's going there every day to stop in chasing the details.

I didn't get these images like a thief, of course we all know that it's not allowed in our blockchain. So I asked her politely and asked a little bit of demand the kind of images I wanted to have. She's so kind that she gave me the kind of views I want to have.

I said earlier that people who are in the province are so lucky about this crisis. Simply because they can go outside without too many people surrounds them. I'm talking about going to the mountain where they can climb hills, peaks and etc. Isn't it nice to climb up above and you can see the vies over on it. We don't need to imprison ourselves by just staying in our house all the time. We can go into the mountain to breathe fresh air, to exercise to stay healthy and to relieve us from being afraid of this virus.

Have you tried that feeling when you can breathe melancholy because of the situation right now? Then just an instant you suddenly feel like listening to a sweet melody while standing in the peak of the mountain. I'm just imagining it right now but all I can think of that feeling is so nostalgic. A pretty feeling that makes me happy even though we're struggling with this pandemic. What to expect, the feeling of being surrounded by trees, plants, mountains, sky, and animals is so amazing. That body of yours will feel very light as if you're free from everything regardless of what's happening.

I don't know if until now you aren't sure why you need to go to the mountain but still let me say it once again. Mountain views will help you to relax and because of the cold breeze from it. It's part of our mind who will suddenly feel amazing by just watching the environment of the nature. I doubt that you will feel sick after having this kind of surroundings.

Thank you for reading

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