Why Facebook? Come on hive

This is just my own opinion as I've observed on Facebook. I've been using this app sometimes when I watched anime videos. Sometimes I kept scrolling what's the update of my friends. So I kind of understanding why Facebook is one of the most used apps in the Philippines.

First of it is the entertainment the Facebook gives the users. Like videos, challenges and many more. It makes the users keep on updating their status. Although sometimes I found it absurd because every activity was made was being posted on Facebook. Even their personal issues posted on Facebook. Well, they're looking for someone who will sympathise them.

I could tell that the ability of Facebook is targeting that self-centred person. Most of the features let someone describes how's your day today or yesterday. Why the "self-centred" person because they can rant whatever they want and shows off to their friends how amazing they experienced. Going to that place, eating that food, fancy status and many more. If you get what I'm talking, for sure you'll understand now.

Let's not just specified the self-proclaimed amazing people. There is still a good thing in this app. That is to help you to communicate with your family, friends, and neighbours. Because of the numbers of users on Facebook incredibly amazing. It helps us to connect our friends that we might know even though we only those friends from their faces. (I've been sending a friend request to those people I know especially to girls, the cute one.lol)

Also, Facebook let us remember the memories we had years ago. I think it's so amazing to remember our past. Sometimes it's not that amazing but most of it is amazing. That's why we treasured our memories because of the past. Also, we can't be like now if not because of how we were or we did yesterday.

Although Facebook is being tainted with too many fake news. That's how this app being ruined even if we just want a good vibe from it. We can't help it, it's a public platform so all people are here. The good people and the bad people.

If I'll compare this platform to hive maybe the number of users and it features. Although I prefer the hive because most of us are telling what really is happening in our surroundings. We are not just focused on how our days were so good. Not to forget that there will be earnings in every amazing post you will make.

Even so, Facebook is not that bad and it's not that good. In the other hand, hive is different. It's not a bad platform but it's all good even if there are some downvotes going on. lol
It's just part of disciplining someone not to ruin the platform.

thank you for reading