What is "budbud" food in the Philippines?


"Budbud" is a Bisaya word from the Philippines. Why it was called that way, I have no idea why but I will tell you what is "budbud."

"Budbud" is a snack food in the Philippines. This food was covered with the leaves of banana. "Budbud's appearance is like rice but the different one. They used sticky types of rice. This kind of food is sweet that good to pair with a coffee.

When I was young, my mother used to sell this kind of food every morning and afternoon. This food is popular in our place and even to our country. But you can usually see it in the province area in the Philippines. Mostly you can see this in the region of Mindanao and Visayas. I think everyone knows in our province what is " budbud."

By the way, how they make this "budbud?"

The main ingredient of this budbud is the sticky rice. This is not ordinary rice, in fact, it's an expensive type of rice. They will boil the sticky rice like boiling rice that we always eat in the Philippines.

In cooking this rice, they will put ginger to make this food smell good. Also, they put sugars into it to make this sweet. While cooking for the rice and waiting to be boiled. The leaves of the banana will be heated from the fire. By doing it, the leaves of the banana will easy to roll. You can see in the image that they rolled the food with the leaves of banana.

When the rice is cooked already. They will roll it to make it look like this in the above image. They will use two small part of the banana leaves. The other one will be used in rolling and the other one will be used as its cover. They only use the banana leaves in making a budbud by the way.

After they rolled it, the process still not finish yet. When all of it is being rolled. They will now place the rolled budbud in a big pot. They will start boiling it again. I don't know why because I haven't asked my mother about it. But when it will be boiled once they will now remove it from the pot. That's the time the process is complete and let it cold before start selling it.

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