There is something only you could do

unsplash by Daniel Christie

Why they can do that and why you can't?

Often question in yourself when you want to do something but you don't know how to do it. Even if you know you still have no guts to do because you're being cautious that you don't want yourself to be ashamed. You are afraid that you might not do it well and be ended with failure. It's normal when you're blinded with jealousy and closed your mind that you don't know how to do those things.

Our confidence is the one who will decide if we want to do it or not. Everyone doesn't want to be a laughing stock or be grouped of booing. It's the reason that many people are afraid to try something new or hesitate to do things that they just touch. Our mind has an instinct that will let us defend ourselves from shame and hurt. We want to try it, our mind tells us to do but our subconscious doesn't let us. It just means part of us are not sure if we can really do it and that is why we choose to remain silent.

I don't think that having a self-defense instinct is totally bad in some ways. Actually, it's good for us because before we dive in we are already what we must do. But the problem is hindering ourselves from doing things that we might be good at it. how will we know that we are good at these things when we don't try it and waiting for the results. All of us can offer something or all of us can do something that others may not. It's about guts and determination in order for us to explore things that we can do.

unsplash by Izabelle Acheson

If we are not just being chicken or coward to do something, we might realize that we are good at this and that. All of us individuals are unique to each other, there are things we are good at and there are things we are bad at. Although, sometimes we said that "I'm really bad at this." It doesn't mean we are really bad in many ways. Remember that not everything in this world can be taken just by hard work because there are things you can't have no matter how much you try.

Accept the fact that we're not good at it but good on it. There are things that only we can do and for that reason, we are needed to do it. Don't stop believing ourselves just because of not doing right after we tried once with that. Maybe in different ways, we will be helpful and not what we tried first. Just broadened and widened our minds so that we will understand that inside of us there is talent hiding.

We just don't know it yet because we remain hidden and never try on letting it out. We are just too afraid to do since there's no assurance that we can do it very well. That's a bad way of thinking, do you believe that we know something that others don't? I do believe that even though those people are professional and almost know everything. I am sure that they don't everything that I know, just like in terms of doing something. There is something that only we can do and that is why I'm sure that our existence is still important.

Thank you for reading