Their lies are sweet



"I don't need anyone, I don't need friends," Tom said after Hana left him without a word.

He doesn't cry but he feels mad. After what Hana told him from the past. After Hana promised him to stay by his side all the time. Tom believed it because Hana was his first friend and turned to be his first love.

He remembers how Hana pulled him from the darkness of his life. He was always alone in work and in his place. People saw him a weird person so no one would try of approaching him. People misunderstood his appearance but Hana was different. She approached Tom with a smile and offered him friendship. Since then, Tom always smiling alone that people found it creepy again.

Tom really thought that his feelings will reach Hana. But he was wrong because suddenly Hana left him and what's worst was that they promised to go to a park to watch a show. He waited for a day to Hana but no presence of Hana shows. He just left and went home while sighing and thinking that all people were liars.



One windy after, the insects are starting making sounds. Tom is sitting under the tree while watching above. Feels the chill of the moment and feels the gentle feeling of the wind. He notices someone walking towards where he is sitting. He just ignores it because for sure it's not him that this person will be looking. He just closed his eyes and feel again the wonderful feeling that nature provides.

"Hi sir, excuse me." A woman's voice.

He ignored it again because he's thinking that maybe there is another person around. He continues on closing his eyes and focus on what he is feeling.

"Sir, wearing blue clothes." Follow up words by that woman.

He remembers that he's wearing a blue one but he checks it first if he really is wearing. When he found it he immediately stands up and answers the woman.

"What is it, ma'am?"

"By the way my name is Clair. I'm a teacher in grade school. I asked my students to give me a fiction story as their project."

She stopped talking and Tom just thinks that it's not his concerns.

Oh, I see but I think that's not my concern. He sarcastically said.

Clair smiles even though the words of Tom was a bit sarcastic. She then explains why.

"One of my students told me that you were the one who wrote the story that I love the most."

"Ah, okay thanks." It's obvious that Tom doesn't show any interest in talking to this woman.


"The thing is I want to invite you to come to our school. We will have role-playing in the by next month and I want you to write to us about the life of students with some fiction content." Clair said while opening her hand as an invitation.

"Ah, so that's only what you wanted. Sure, why not?" Tom accepted it without hesitation. But Clair was surprised because of it and she can't believe how Tom accepted the offer immediately.

"Really, sir?"

"Yeah, why not? You don't want it?"

"No, sir. I just can't believe how easy for you to accept it." Clair smiles.

"Ah, I'm a writer after all and you asked me with perfect timing because I'm on leave. Also, I'm happy to share my work with the children." Tom replied.

Clair is so happy and excited because of it.
"Yes, thank you very much, sir. Please go to school tomorrow and find me."

"Okay," Tom said while raising his hand.

Clair then leaves Tom and start walking away.

"What a strange woman." Tom's thoughts while glimpsing.


Tom arrived in a room where Clair is teaching. Someone brings him to be there. The class of Clair is still ongoing. Tom is sitting inside the room and just observing around. He seems to feel a warm feeling.

"Wooohhhh, teacher..." Suddenly Clair's students cheering her. Clair is blushing and uncomfortable while watching Tom sitting inside smiling.

"Class quiet, teacher is mad."
"Yes, teacher..."

Tom and Clair's eyes meet. The awkward feeling suddenly shows up so they just both nodding while glimpsing.

Finally, Clair's class was finished. Tom gives the script about what Clair asked him to write. Clair read it right away without saying thanks to Tom when Tom handed it. It's obvious into Clair's eyes that she's enjoying the content of the story. She continues reading it until she was done.

"Sir, what's your name again?"

"So, she just asked me now." Tom's thoughts.

"Oh, forgive my late introduction. My name is Tom, I'm an office staff and at the same time I'm a writer." Tom said.

After the introduction, Clair suddenly acts like they knew eAch other for long. Clair holds Tom's hand and brings him into the place where the role-playing will practice it. After that many more days has come that Tom must be there in the practice. Clair asked him to be there so that Tom could tell if the emotions of the content will be there while performing the story that he wrote. Well, Tom is vacant anyway so he always goes there.


By going to a place with Clair. Tom feels like his falling to Clair. He doesn't know how to do these things about courtship but he's thinking to do it. He stares on Clair and he falls in love more when Clair smile at her. Tom thoughts that maybe this woman loves her as well. Why he needs to wait more time or it will be too late again.

One afternoon, they take a break in practice. Tom follows Clair going to the room because he's thinking to confess while there is no person in that place. He slowly walking while following Clair. He stops when Clair talks to her co-workers. Tom is not near but he can hear both of them talking. He thought that it's not good to listen to their conversation but he suddenly feels interested when Clair's co-worker mentioned his name. He is just listening when Clair replied.

"Why would I love that person? I know he's writing well but it doesn't mean I want to love him."

"But that guy eyes showing he loves you. What will you do with that? I kind of feel pity to him." Her co-worker said.

Clair just smile and replied.
"Well, it's not my fault for being beautiful. I just want him to in that matter, nothing else."

Clair continues on laughing like she's bullying Tom. Tom didn't like it because he feels humiliated. He suddenly shows up to both of them as they are so surprised.

"Ah, okay, so that's who you are. I will now leave the kids to you. I don't like people like you. I should not have accepted your offer you liar." Tom said while walking away and feels a little bit of pain in his heart.

"That's why I don't need anyone because they are good at lying. Damn it all!!" In his thoughts.