The words or the thoughts?


In writing a blog or a content it's important to use nice words. It will be catchy and good to read. For the readers, they will think that the one who wrote this content might be smart. Upon reading the words that are being used. The readers will conclude right away that maybe the writers or the authors are something. Not all people can provide good words to use in writings. Those who can for sure, their vocabulary in English is quite wide. Just imagine they're using words that an ordinary person can not understand it easily.

I know it's good using deep meaning words. Even me I'm amazed and at the same envious because they used such wonderful words to make their content or blog interesting to read. Especially when they put double meaning words that will be hard to understand. I just realised that the content is quite something that I only understand it after reading repeatedly.

I can see a lot of content creators here are using beautiful words. I could tell because I read it often. I know a lot of people are amazed because they earned quite good upvotes. Maybe the time they spent on writing their content was very long. It's not that I know because I wasn't rooting them. I only said it with my own observation, but that's not being said. When you spent too much time in writing you can now use beautiful words or not basic words. It's their skills of learning that kind of words. But I'm sure of it that those content creators who can do that are well educated and are well knowledgeable.


Beautiful words to use are amazing. But never forget that in reading a content we are not just consuming the words. We are reading it carefully, so we can digest the thoughts that the authors wanted to tell. Words can be learned through studying them but the content that will touch the reAder's heart and mind is unique. The authors may have used wonderful words in the content but the thoughts were off. The usage of wonderful words will be useless because the readers will think of it as boring. It's like a beautiful house with no life inside.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against in using wonderful words. It's just that not all readers can understand it clearly. What's the purpose of writing when our readers couldn't understand it? Why are we writing when we can not reach the heart and mind of the readers? Of course, we are writing because we want something to tell the world. We wanted the readers to deliver the meaning of our content. It's not for showing off but it's for them to know what we've been through or what we wanted to.

They said that don't be blinded on what's in front of your eyes. Know it first before you conclude that it's amazing. Not all pretty flowers have a good smell and not all pretty faces have a pretty attitude. Sometimes we need to dig it deeper for us to understand if they're fit to be called beautiful.

I don't usually use deep words because I'm not really good at English. Even so, I'm not afraid to write because there's something I wanted to tell to the people and I will make them feel thaf is real. But I tried my best to reach my readers through my writing. Some topics might be off, it's for you to judge my dear readers. I did my best to explain it well in every topic I want to discuss. This is all about thoughts anyway in writing content. We are aiming that the readers will understand us. We are not aiming that they will idolise us. Before I'll end this, I want you to know that don't be afraid if you're not that good in words. You must be afraid if your content has no meaning. That's why the words are not the one that is significant in the content. The thoughts of the content are way more essential.

thank you for reading