The Promise


December 8, 1941, when the Japanese launched a surprise attack through aerial bombs in both north Manila and South Manila Philippines. This was an unexpected attacked from the other country which many Filipinos died. No one knew this would happen since the Philippines that time has no enemy. During that time conquering other countries was inevitable. Just 10 hours ago when the Pearl Harbour was being attacked as well. The Philippines was in chaos and panic immerge to the people. After that attacked the government called all the men ages 16 above to be a soldier. That was an emergency so refusing this called will not be allowed.

Sidro a young male citizen who lived in the province was one of the men being called. He didn't know how to hold a gun so he was afraid after the announcement in their place. He went immediately to the municipality for a briefing and after returned home. He also spent the last night with his girlfriend. Tears and fear have shredded these two lovers. They were planning to have a happy family. 2 daughters and 1 son they were hoping in the future. But because of that war, their plans were tormented because they didn't know if Sidro will come back to his girlfriend Maria.

"Promise me you'll be back," Maria said to Sidro while sobbing.

"Of course I will," Sidro replied with tears and a shaking body. Actually, he didn't know if he could but only the faith that made him promised it. Also, he didn't want Maria to express so much sorrow when that night might be the last.

"Please make sure to come back to me," Maria repeated as he hugged Sidro tightly.

They were spending the night with tears while holding each other tightly.


Just the day of their formation when the Japanese started attacking through air and land. The platoon leader didn't have the time to teach them in firing a gun because of a sudden attack. When the sound of gunshots began to be a music in their ears they dropped down crawling. They desperately searched a shelter to hide from being hit with the bullets. Terrified while crying were on their faces facing the assault from the enemies. Sidro was so shocked after he saw his companion lied down. He saw the blood spilt as that person slowly losing his breathing.

"Lord, help me to to be safe." He prayed as he cried of desperation.

The reinforcement came over and the Japanese have pushed away. When Sidro didn't hear any gunshot he raised from the dead bodies covered him. At least he felt relieved after he saw that there were no Japanese already.

"Thank God," Crying desperately being alive.


After 1 month on nonstop firing finally, they rested in the barracks. When Sidro saw the other soldiers situation he felt lucky that he only has small wounds and scratches. He was resting when a soldier shouted, "LETTERS...." He smiled even though he was still afraid because the war wasn't over yet.

"Sidro...Sidro.." Said to that person who brought letters.

"I'm here," he shouted and after receiving the letter he was so excited to open it.

"Dear my love Sidro,

"How are you, my love? I miss you so much. I hope God protects you from dangers. Don't worry about me because thanks to the soldiers like you we are safe here. We didn't see any Japanese soldiers and planes in our place. We are hiding right now in the mountain part where it's far from our place. "
" It's so lonely without you here my love. Every day I'm praying to God that will make you safe. I will endure the loneliness from your hug and sweet kisses. Just to make sure that you will be back to me when everything will be alright."
"I love you always and please be safe. Don't forget to pray so that God will always guide you and make you safe."

"Loving you always,

Even though tears flood in Sidro eyes. He was still smiling because he knew someone was waiting for him. He was happy as well because someone's lives will not be in danger because of them, soldiers.


By the help of Americans, the Japanese surrendered on September 2 1945. It was a long war that every soldier was not allowed to go home or else the enemy will hit a surprise attack again. The soldiers were shouting and throwing their guns into the air while saying "WE WON!!" Tears, sweat and blood mixed in their faces because they were happy that at last, the war was ended. But Sidro didn't have the chance to celebrate because he was brought in a hospital after being caught by the explosion from a bomb. He stayed for 2 months in the hospital because the damage was severe. He was in a coma and thank God he recovered from a deep sleep. When the hospital discharged him he was so excited to go home. He was so excited to see her loved one, Maria.

"I will make sure I will never leave her again and to do that we should get married." He whispered while smiling.

Even though he was excited he stopped first in a jewellery store to buy a gift for Maria. He wanted to surprise her with his appearance and a ring. He smiled when he bought the ring and immediately went into Maria house first. He knocked on the door and said, "excuse me." Someone got outside and it was Maria's mother.

"Ma'am, is Maria there?" Sidro said while expressing with an excitement.

Maria's mother just nodded and didn't talk. Sidro didn't talk again as he was waiting for Maria's mother to talk. But Sidro noticed that she was just watching the sky with so much sadness in her face. He thought that something's going on so he tried to ask again, "Ma'am, is-." He didn't continue what he wanted to say because Maria's mother started talking.

"Our life in this world has no assurance that it will stay for long. Some will enjoy the world more but some will enjoy shorter. Even so, I admire those people who were willing to risk their lives to the safety of others. Just like you, you became a soldier so that the new generation will not experience war like us."

Sidro noticed something weird about what Maria's mother said. He was wondering so he asked, "Ma'am, what's wrong?"

Tears began to fall from Maria's mother and kneel. She covered her eyes face while sobbing and said, "Maria was dead and it has been a year now."

"Huh?!" Sidro couldn't believe what he just heard. He was very surprised that he didn't know what kind of expression he wants to show or feel. "Wait, wait, how? Why?" He added.

"She volunteered to help the soldiers in nursing them and hoping to see you there as well. She missed you very much and she was so worried because you didn't send a letter from her." Maria's mother said.

Sidro's world crumbled after confirming why it happened. He then remembers what they promised to each other. The family they'll go to build in the future. The memories they had together played his mind that he screamed because of the agony in his heart.

"I tried to stay alive because of what we promised and now my life is useless." He wanted to shout and cry harder to let the pain loosen up but he could not. He knew that nothing would happen because Maria was now gone and wouldn't be back in his arms again.

"MARIA....WAIT FOR ME, I'LL BE THERE SOON.....!!" He cried out.