The listener

"What do you want? What are you trying to say when you died already?"

My late mother shows up after she died already for a year through a ghost form.


I was 6 years old back then when I first saw ghosts. As a young kid who had no idea what were they. I thought they were just normal even though they had pale skin, no face and always wore white clothes. My friends back then were afraid when I pointed my finger at their back saying I saw an old lady. They cried while running away because they never saw someone at their back. Their parents were so mad at me because they thought I did something that made them cried. I had no idea until when I was in high school I started ignoring them and stopped saying I saw ghosts. I did it for my friends not to be mad and they would let me join the fun. But they still chased me away because they thought I was weird.

"Help me, please." Said from a ghost woman who approached me when I was class. I tried to ignore her and acted like I didn't saw her. But I felt sad to her because she kept on following me and begging. It's not that I was afraid because I used to it already. I just couldn't stand again not to help her. She brought me into the place where she was killed but was raped first. She showed me a flashback of how she went through before she died. She said she can't ascend from heaven if the guy who did it to her will not be apprehended.

"James we are friends for long. I trusted you as a friend, why you're doing this to me?" The woman tells her friend when they went to a party and went home together.
"Shana, I love you and I wanted you to ve mine but you keep on refusing me. I'm desperate to have your body now." James said to the woman while touching her skin and started to hit her in the stomach. Then that guy finally does what he wanted."

After seeing the memories of that ghost woman how she died and molested. I was wondering how to help her.


I decided to help her because she didn't leave on my side. I was wondering how to help her since things like this are nonsense in court. I didn't call the police first or else I will become a suspect of this woman's death. At last, I figured out how to make that guy admit his crime.

"Hi James, this is Shana. Did you miss me?" I sent a message to his phone and the ghost woman provided me with his number. James didn't reply but when I went home I was observing what he's acting. Was he bothered or was he not. I remained to be patient while kept on sending the message that would make him guilty.

"Did you really think you can escape from what you did?"
"You might kill my body but my soul still lives that can hurt you."
"Ignore my message but when you'll sleep I will visit you and hug you."

I continued sending a message to that guy until he replied after a week.

"Please leave me alone. I regret what I did. I'm sorry I was just drunk back then."

I sensed that this would flow as I wanted.

"No, as long as you didn't tell the crime you made I will never leave you." That's the last message to him and then the ghost woman was gone. I just saw in the news about a dead body from a woman found and a friend admitted a crime he made. Even though it felt so hassle it made my heart feels lighter when I helped someone. I helped too many ghosts because of my ability to talk to them and can listen to what happened. But I stopped seeing ghosts when my mother died because she committed suicide.


I didn't understand but when I went home and saw my mother hanged herself. My world's stopped and I felt my senses were being sealed. I was depressed seeing what happened to my mother. It made me mad as well because of my mother's soul didn't visit me so that I will understand why she did that. I cried and cried until months passed so fast that my heart feels nothing. I was numb and I was interested in nothing anymore. I stopped going to school because all of them were sucks. They thought I was the one responsible that my mod decided to do it. They didn't know because they were all stupids. I was hoping to see ghosts, I was hoping for a talking-buddy but no matter how I forced it I couldn't see them anymore.

"Kert, I will leave you for now. I will go to the province to take care of our small lands there." My father said, a father for the name but not in feeling. He didn't care for us because she has another family. After I heard him said he left and I didn't say a word.


My father disliked when I roam around in the house and reminisce my memories of my mother. That's why since he is away I go into their room and lie down in their bed. I wanted to feel the warm love of my mother. I get her dress and keep hugging on it until the ghost of my mother shows up.

"What do you want? What are you trying to say when you died already?"

I'm acting like I'm angry towards her but actually, I want to hug her. I missed her so much but I know I can't touch her because she already died. My mother is crying because she's worried about what will happen to me now that she's gone. She keeps on saying sorry but I told her to stop it. I want to be mad at her because of what she did but after seeing her acting like this I became curious.

"Mom, tell me everything," I said to my mom because something's odd about the situation. My mother then told me everything and it's a perfect time that my father is away.

Father hanged my mother because he wanted to be together with her other love one. My mother didn't want it because she loves my father so much and she thought of me. What will happen to me if my father leaves us that we can't have financial support. They fought and shouted. My father hits my mother hard that thrown herself in the bed. She slowly crawled in the bed to find her phone and to record what happened. My mother hid it in bed so my father will not find it.

After my mother told me everything she disappeared. I'm searching for the phone to have it and use it as evidence for what my father did to my mother. I'm grinding my teeth because of feeling pity for my mother and so mad about what my father did. I found it and immediately go to the police station and let the police officers see what happened. The police officers relay the video to the police officers in our province so that they can arrest my father. My father couldn't make an alibi because the evidence is so strong.

I didn't see my mother after it but I'm still happy that I helped her to be at peace. Then after it as well a lot of ghosts are visiting me to tell what happened to them and wanted my help. It's a hassle but it's fine and I decided to be a police officer who can help those who needs my help.