The life in the province

Living in the province looks so hard. Especially when you grew up in a place surrounded by so many entertainments. Like for example, mall buildings, computer shop and many more. It's true that it's hard to find these things in the village. Sometimes the things you will be looking will not be there. It's because it's hard to find huge stores that will be selling many products. It's a province after all, not too many people live there sometimes they don't want those things. That's why stores do not sell that will not be in demand in a certain place.

The province might be lacking for so many things. But it can satisfy you from its nature. The clean and green surroundings, the fresh air from the environment, the healthy food and vegetables and friendly locals who live here. We know that the fruits and vegetables we bought in the Cities came from the province. Since you are in the place where this food came from. We can be sure that what we will be eating is just newly harvested. If we love farming or we want to make sure that the food we will be eating is ours. There are so many vacant lands where we can plant freely. If we don't have our own lands, we can ask landowners to let us use their vacant lands. The landowners will allow us since they're not using it and at the same time, the land will be taking care of. I've been seeing in our province who are doing this. They just share a little bit of the harvested vegetables and fruits as gratitude for letting them use the lands for free.

These are just examples of the kind of fruits and vegetables we can find in the province. It's so bright that it's very obvious how healthy the vegetables and fruits.

These sliced vegetables you see above were just harvested by my friend's father. They are fortunate to have their own lands and they're living near their land. Although, quite far from the town. Approximately 30 minutes before you can reach the centre of the town. But it's not a big deal because there are so many motorcycles you can use or you can ride in going there.

They are also fortunate that they have their own rice fields. I've been in their place a few times. Their rice field is not that wide but it's enough for her family to sustain food for two months. Since they already have their own food to eat. The only they'll be looking are those miscellaneous needs and sometimes other types of viand food. But it's fine if they don't buy it. They can make their stomachs full anyway.

They have also coconut tree. This tree is one of the basic plants in our place to earn money. It's not hard to make this tree grows. Just remove the grasses that surround it and burn it. The tree will make sure to grow healthy. This kind of tree will provide a good amount of fruits. The same as making it grow like removing and burning grasses.

The good thing about having this tree or fruit is you can bring your friends to eat it and enjoy the quality time together. We used to do it when I was in my province with my friends. We brought our friends and brought someone to climb the tree while others were removing the flesh from the fruit. It's a fun way of spending time with friends while surrounded by beautiful nature.

That's why it's wonderful to live in the province. The food, nature and the people are both amazing. Not only that, but it will also help someone to relax by staying there. Why not live in the province when you can feel amazing as well.

thank you for reading

images from a friend on Facebook with her approval.