The food in the province


There is no food you can't find in the city that can be found in the province as well. It's not a question because all the things you can find it in the city. A lot of provinces were sending their goods in the Cities. The consumers in the Cities are too many that most of the products will be bought. Unlike in the provinces that the population is lesser compared to the population in the Cities. You can find it all there but the question is the quality of it. Is it still fresh or is it still healthy?

That's the question when you will compare them. In the province, you can buy foods like fish, pork and many more that are still fresh. You can be so sure of it that these products are not stored for long. You may not find right away but for sure you can have the fresh kind of food you wanted. The fish just caught by the fisherman from the sea and the vendors will deliver it to sell. Of course, it's fresh because it's just newly caught. The taste is very delicious compared to the fish that is not fresh.

By seeing the cooked fish even just by watching it you could tell that the fish are delicious. It's obvious that it's fresh because of the fish texture. Also unlike to those not fresh, the fish flesh will be separated from its bones. If you're good at cooking you could tell by just looking at it.

The price of goods in the province is cheaper as well. The owner or the seller didn't spend much money to make their goods or products be expensive. It's true that there's not much an opportunity for a job in the province. We must say that finding money is a bit hard as well. Even so, the living expenses in the province is not that much as well. We must say that living in the province will not make someone be hungry as well. Why is that when you can buy food for a small amount of money you have.

That's the big difference in living in the province. Nature and the people are already given. They are all nice and what you can gain from living in the province is the small amount of spending money. I wonder why people chose to live in cities when living in the province is already perfect. They have some reasons maybe but just wondering by the way.

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