unsplash by Etienne Girardet

Do you believe that some are born with talent and some are born without? If this is true, isn't it unfair for those who haven't? We all want to have something to share and something to prove or to show that we are also special. Lucky if we're chosen to have it and unlucky if not being chosen. That's why there is jealousy is in the eyes of those who haven't.

There are those who really love to play basketball but no matter how they play. Their performance still the same, not good or either not satisfying for others. They said that "practice makes perfect" but how can we tell that it will be perfect when the basic fundamental we need in playing isn't there. Let's say for example about the height, this is what we need most in playing basketball. If we don't have this one, no matter how we practice and how we love so much this game. The outcome will still the same, there's no room for us in basketball.

unsplash by Robert Tudor

Just an overview of how important the other factors in having something. I doubt you'll disagree when I said that it's not just about the talent itself. We also need dedication, hard work, passion, and motivation to do something you love. Without these, there will be no assurance that even if we have the talent we can use it perfectly. We have a great mind, it's true we can think of anything that we wanted to write. But we all know as well that this talent alone can't make your writing good as people wanted it.

I can't count how much content that I wrote already. Short stories, fiction stories, articles, life happenings, and many more. There were people who told me that I have potential in terms of writing (I don't believe it) because of my narrow imagination. But to tell you the truth, until now people are still ignoring my writings. Great mind won't explain that I have good content maybe. I didn't undergo tutorials or workshops in writing. This is just a hobby that I learn from my imagination. If I have real talent, why people chose to ignore my works instead of noticing it.

I know it's not easy to be that good because the road is still blurry and very long. That's why talent is not just everything, we need to sharpen our talent so that people will recognize how to go we are in that specific field. Maybe not now, not tomorrow or the day after of it. Still, if we are being passionate about what we wanted to do. We know that someday that those people who we idolize because of being so good in that talent. We will be like them in the future, we will just believe that it will and put hard work on it.

Talent won't decide if we are good or not.