Sun will never come in summer



It's in the month of summer but the rain keeps on pouring. Just like my heart won't stop crying when Shana forgot our dreams and decided to end up our relationship. We just reached our 5 years anniversary but she treated me like it was nothing. I couldn't believe that it really happened but it's the truth. I have no choice but to accept it even though she made me bleeds.

Watching the rain falls from the sky makes me lonelier. Especially when I remember the time we used to wet ourselves from the rain and played into it like children. I guess no matter how we treasure someone not to go. If they really want to cut the rope no emotions can stop them from doing it. No matter how we regret not entrusting our whole life with them. There's no helping it but we will just cry like there's no tomorrow to come.

Now, it's more than a month since Shana broke my heart. I still can't move on but I didn't let myself sob like the last time. I am ready for another relationship to come but I'm afraid that the same will happen. Well, not all the time it will have good weather during the summer. There are happenings in life that won't flow the same as it should be.

"Hey, are you lost?"

Someone just taps me in my shoulder. I looked back who was tapping me while saying in my mind.

"Why did she thinks I'm lost, it's absurd."

It's my friend Arya and high school classmate. I was surprised when I saw her because I thought she was working far from home. She just smiles to me while shelters herself from the rain by an umbrella. It's been a while and she looks amazing now. The way she wears clothes, the way she stands and all of her seems changes.

"What do you think you're doing in this park under this heavy rain?"

I just shake my head like saying just nothing.

"Are you still stupid until now? We are grown-up already but it seems you're acting like a grade-schooler. She said.

I just smile at her and said.

" Can't you see that I just want to wet myself because the water in our house stopped and I want to take a bath?"

I thought I said it seriously but she smiles and then laughs out loud.

"As always Coby, you're awkward and hilarious. Well, that's good about you even though I don't want to laugh you will make me laugh."

She continues laughing at me. Well, I know this girl from before. She is easy to laugh even though it's just nonsense.

"So, so, what really are you doing here?" She seriously asked.

I blink my eyes and said.
"I was wondering if downpour has an ending."

The wind blows suddenly so strong that makes her umbrella flew away. The surrounding turns out to be silent as I nod my head while smirking. I look at her because she stops laughing and talking.

"Don't give me that face like that," I said.

I'm surprised at how she looks at me. I could tell that she pitied and I could tell from the cold vibrant she shows to me.

"So, how's work, Coby? Is your mom still lively?" She changed the topic as she opened up a new one.

I confidently answer her so that she won't think that I'm sad. I smile to her like it was nothing.

"Ah, not anymore because she died last year. I'm living alone, are you available to live in with me?"

I smile and follow up with words saying. "Just kidding."

"Are you serious now because right now I will live with you?" She replied with a serious face.

I don't know how to answer it because it seems she knows how to bite now. I suddenly feel awkward because of it as she continues on saying.

"Okay, let's go to your house and arrange our marriage." She said and smirk.

I became really nervous because she looks so serious but I'm also happy of course. I know Shana very well because we are friends for a long time.

Suddenly a car stops beside us and a man goes out of it. A man greeted me and said.

"Shana, let's go home, my father wants to see you."


Shana just replied without saying a word to me. I also saw in her face looks sad. Her sweet smile showed lately is being replaced with sadness. I don't know what's happening but I don't know how to act or to say. The guy seems very close to Shana from what he shows.

I want to stop Shana because I'm sure of it she's unhappy to go with that guy. But I guess there's nothing to be done. This life is really freaking awesome. When I have the reason to smile it will be taken right away. I guess there are things that don't allow to happen. And maybe it's too late for us or it's too late for me to see the sun.