Steps to withdraw money from to


This is just some simple steps or this is not new but some may still don't know. I've been using because it's easier in converting my hive tokens through The good thing about by @blocktrades is because you can send it directly the hive you want to convert. I love using blocktrades because it allows you to put your wallet address in there. By doing that we can minimize the hassle and just wait for our money to arrive in our wallet.

I have videos going to show but let me explain it first so it will be easier.

Step 1
Copy the etherium wallet address.

If you will go into your etherium wallet in You can see receive or send. Just click "receive" so you can copy the address of your etherium wallet.

Step 2
Go to then choose hive or hive dollar. Then set the crypto you want to convert your hive is etherium. Just like the first image above.

Step 3
You can now place the etherium address you just copied from
When you're done click "get deposit address so the hivesigner will be shown and it will be easy for you to log in.

Step 4
Use hivesigner in your transaction although there is manual transfer I found it hassle. Screenshot_20200810092501.jpg

Click that " transfer using hivesigner." When you're finished clicking it. The hivesigner will now ask for your password and after you put it. The transaction will be successful. This is what I've been doing so don't be afraid if it will take time because it's just normal. By the way here's a video as a follow-up guide in doing it.

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