Relationship before rewards


One thing for sure that we are in hive staying because of rewards. People will call me a liar if I said that I am here not because of rewards. I am here because I want to make friends and just enjoying my presence here in the hive.

To make a recap, the first thing that came into my mind when I just arrived here in this platform was rewards. If you'll ask me, why would I have to stay for long and spend most of my time just because I want to have fun? Even in Facebook, Twitter or any social media platforms. People will not be that active because they knew that they are not earning anything.

I'm not being greedy because I'm just stating for the truth. Of course, some of us not like me but they won't refuse their payouts in doing posts. Why would they anyway? But when you will stay for long in this platform you will understand how the process works. Never forget the rewards because that's our main goal from the first time we hoop in this platform. Don't get me wrong but the hive is not just about rewards.


If you are not a stakeholder like me or doesn't have enough power to make your stay in the hive. Don't just focus on rewards because if you will. You will be disappointed for sure in the future.

First, you are here because of rewards but when you will not earn rewards. There's no reason for you to stay because that was the first reason why you are here. You will get jealous of those users who are earning well. Especially when you don't want to accept that this user is not good enough to earn this big. Ah, I feel you, I've been in that situation for some time ago and even now sometimes. I just forced myself to understand because I already knew how's the process here.

I've been here for 2 years in the hive so that kind of stuff is not new to me. But since you don't know it yet let me tell you something.

You need to engage more people every day. You need to do it every day because in days to come they will now be your audience in the future. What you are building is the relationship with other users. This is a wise move according to someone I knew. Just don't like to mention because they might think of it annoying.

That relationship you are going to build will be converted as rewards. You can earn both actually, friends and money. If they love what you are doing, they will support you. By the time you'll spend more time making friends. You are making money as well because they will go to your post and give you a hi and then will vote it. Don't misunderstand me by saying I'm just doing it because I need money, not real friends. Well, it depends on how you interact with the people. Make sure that you don't think it that way or they will just see it obviously.

The thing is, to have more rewards you need to have more friends by building relationships. What do you think?

thank you for