Quality vs Engagement


From the very start, hive was made as a blockchain. It's all about investment so it means we are talking about money here. If you remember the first appearance of steem. Bidbots were controlling the chain. Those who had money to spend, they were the one who could earn the most. Massive amounts of income from different users in their posts. They had a huge amount of money in their pockets to use. Instead of providing a quality post for the long run as the chain running. It was being ignored because they earned a huge amount of upvotes, thanks for the bidbots. However, the chain was ruined because of this and the community wanted to change.

Then just recently before we relocated to hive. Bidbots were being discouraged and people who used bidbots to earn upvotes will be downvoted. If you don't want your money to be wasted buying a huge amount of upvotes. You should refrain in using it or forget of using because you'll be wasting your money for sure. Of course, there were people against this idea and there were those who love this idea.

Thanks to this, quality content was being promoted in the chain. If you wanted to earn bigger upvotes from whale curators. You should do your best to write or to make quality posts. I've witnessed it and experienced the juice of huge amount of upvotes from whales. I was so happy because of it. Imagine I've been in the chain for more than a year before but I haven't hit with the whales with their power. Not only me who was happy because of the improvements in the chain but I knew many people as well.

Now many users are being advised to do quality content if they want good support from whales. I don't know about quality but they said it's subjective. It depends on people how they digest a certain post to consider it as a quality. That's why many hive users or owners are busy to provide quality posts. Of course, they want to receive upvotes from whales that their content will earn a huge amount of money. But because of being busy thinking to create a quality post. Most of us are forgetting the very important things to do in hive.



How will the curators know that you are creating a quality post if no one recognizes you? No one will know right away that you have that kind of posts that other people must learn. If you will not visit other people's post and just focus on yourself creating contents. That's why engagement is one of the best ways of encouraging people to know you. By engaging someone's post it will give you an opportunity to have audiences. People are nice especially when you treated them nicely. It's like a life cycle in this world. When you treated them nicely, they will do the same at you.

That's why you need to explore the hive world. You need to know there are many amazing posts that you must read or visit. You can benefit from reading it and at the same time, there's an assurance that those owners post you visited will visit your post in some time. We are not just hitting two birds here in one stone. We are hitting multiple birds by engaging them. You can have another audience of your posts, you can have another friend, you can have upvotes from whales because of it and you can learn many things about you still don't know yet. You are not losing by just engaging and paused sometimes in creating contents. This kind of action will have 100% of winning.

I remember a few months ago when I kept on engaging posts. I didn't just earn wonderful comments from my posts but also good upvotes from random people. In doing this we can expand our network or we can extend the posts we created. We can extend it because of meeting new friends will help you by reblogging your post. Especially when that friend of your really loves your content. Just imagine how the engagement can do to a certain owner in hive. It can do so much that can make you rich. Just like building a business. You need to be nice with everyone so they will be attracted to that business of yours.

Are we clear now? Well, in these to come I will be doing that because I already knew how does it affect my own account. Actually, I've been doing that but I need to be patient because it won't happen right away.

thank you for reading