You left us without a goodbye
All I did was to cry
Blood might came out every eye
Making you alive again will just be a lie

Why did you go?
Isn't there anything you want to do?
What about us?
It's hard to forget the past

Nothing's change of mourning
No matter how tears are weeping
Still, it's unacceptable
Seeing you again will be impossible

I wasn't ready for your death
Although I have faith
It's just too painful
Knowing you are now a soul

You can not hear me anymore
But I will remember you forevermore
Your presence might be invisible
The memories with you will be irrevocable


I wasn't expecting this to happen. I want to turn back the time and make you stay alive. But life is not like that, no rewind or no fast forward. What is now will be now. I can't change it or stop it. I don't want you to go even though this is part of our life. Death comes, not just in winter but also in summer. We can prolong it but we can't avoid it. It will keep on following us like a car at the back.

We mourn, of course, weeping of endless tears. If we love someone it's natural especially when we know we can never see them again. We even cried if we miss someone but see them later. How much more if we can't see them forever. It means it's just hard to accept that life ends randomly and in unexpected time.

They are dear to us. We spent precious memories with them. Sometimes we even thought of hoping that it would never end. That's why their sudden disappearance will cause agony that it will be hard to forget. Family or not, as long as we have that attachment feeling to each other. Blood will come out into the eyes to those love ones was died. It's unavoidable and unacceptable but there's nothing we can do for it. Life will never come back even if we are that desperate to bring it back. Death comes and goes but doesn't think it will stop. Get ready to cry because it will not hear you no matter how you beg.