Paper Airplane


One windy afternoon I was seated on the bench. I was exhausted and felt like giving up after how much I went through. I stared at something that actually never existed. I continued looking in a direction in which I had no idea what I was looking at.


I didn't mean to curse but unconsciously I said it and slowly I found my tears falling. Something in my chest felt so heavy and suffocated me. I didn't understand why my life was going like this. I thought those people who endured too many hardships could at least drink some sweet juices. What I was believing because until now my life was still always down, no ups but only downs.

I stretched my neck to look up above while hoping for a blessing from God. I didn't want to blame him but a little bit of hopeless feeling wished to question him why my life was like this.

"What is this?"

I found a paper airplane suddenly fell in front of me. I was looking for a child who owned it and played on it. I couldn't see one so I just unfolded it to entertain myself by reading something that was written on it.

"Don't give up, self, you can make it for sure. All you need is to endure and keep on fighting. You've been through a lot and this won't bring you down. Just fight and fight until you'll be the winner in your battle. Understand?"

After reading it I realized it should be said to myself as well. I kept blaming the kind of life I've been through and forgot that it's not just me. There were also people out there who experienced the same but decided to fight on because that's life and that's how it should be.

I stood up and all of a sudden felt motivated. I searched for whoever that person wrote it and made this airplane paper. I was thinking that what if like me he or she needed comfort.

I saw no one was there but I didn't give up on looking. I kept searching, I even ran and felt desperate to see this person so that maybe we could understand each other and comfort each other.


I heard the sound of a bus stopping. I ran towards that immediately and hoped that maybe I could see that person. Unfortunately, the bus left already but I saw a woman that was searching for a seat on the bus. I never stopped running while yearning she would face in the direction where I was running.

I stopped and showed the unfolded airplane when suddenly she looked towards me. She looked so sad, like me she was carrying a heavy burden. I didn't know why but it felt like my heart was being pierced when we looked at each other, eye to eye. Hurriedly, the bus left and all I could do to learn who was writing that note into a paper airplane was a woman.


Thanks to that paper airplane I read something very important. Thanks to it I pulled myself from being down and continued striving my life to be successful in life. Because of that, I didn't stop searching for a job even if I was rejected and failed many times. The words of that paper airplane always woke me up not to give up. It always reminded me that it was just a challenge or some stepping stone to reach my goals in life.

I didn't see that woman anymore for almost a year now but I hope she's living a life like me. I'm wishing her well because if not because of her I won't reach my current job right now. I became a supervisor of those real estate brokers. After 6 months of working as a real estate broker, I was promoted after I sold a lot.

"Mr. Johnson."

The company owner called me.

"Yes sir," I replied.

"I want you to meet Miss Natalie Sung."

I was surprised when the owner introduced me to that woman. The woman that I was longing to see and meet because she was the one who owned that paper airplane. I did nothing but stare at her with a smiling face.

"She will be your co-worker for now and like she came from----"

I didn't hear what the owner said clearly because I was so happy to see this woman. Not only that, I think she recognized me when she saw that airplane paper at my table. The owner told me to share my office and that's how she saw it. She smiled at me and all of a sudden my heart was beating so fast.

"I think I'm in love."

I said to myself while looking at her with a happy face. We shake our hands and introduce each other carefully.