It's being part of our tradition that will eat bread every morning and pair it with coffee, milk and etc. We Filipinos love to do conversations with our neighbors or friends if we have no work to do. You got it right, coffee in the morning is the best for chit-chatting while waiting for the time to pass. Before we will eat breakfast or if we don't like to eat breakfast to save money. Having coffee with bread is the best thing to make your stomach doesn't feel hungry.

That is why "pandesal" bread is always part of having this coffee in the morning. Pandesal is so cheap of its price, every one piece of bread is worth of 2 pesos or 0.088 USD. Also, it's not hard to find because a lot of people roaming around in the brgy. or a small village selling this kind of bread. They already knew that the locals will buy this kind of bread every morning.

Usually, they placed it in cellophane but since the Philippines are minimizing the usage plastics. They made a paper made named "bulseta", a tagalog word that means a thing to use as placing material. Also, they sell this kind of bread while still hot. They placed it first in a foam material where the hotness of the bread could be preserved before selling it. What I meant about placing it in a paper made material is when they sold it already into their customers.

This kind of bread has a very good smell and a very good taste. The characteristics of this bread are soft and easy to dissolve in your mouth. It is like cotton that if you compressed it, the size of it will change. You know that most of the bread is like that but the "pandesal" is softer.

Now, if there's coffee already, all you need to do is to wait for those vendors to pass. Don't worry you will easily know that the vendors that are selling "pandesal" are coming. They will shout or either they will bring a horn to blow, that means they are there. Part of varieties of Filipinos to get more attention from the customers.

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