My bully girlfriend

"Bro, why are you still single? Aren't you planning to get married?" Victor asked me because I'm already 30 but still I have no girlfriend since birth.

"I'm searching for the right one, bro," I replied but actually I'm eager to have one. It's just hard because I don't see a girl like in the movies I watched.

"You keep on telling that bro but for how long. Don't wait for the time that the colour of crow turns to white." He mocked me.

"You just said that bro because you don't believe in spark that will light your world."

He keeps on laughing as I'm getting irritated.

"I want a simple girl, a silent one, pretty and never go clubbing," I stated and I remember someone I met a month ago. I started to like her because she went to church all the time. She wore a very long dress that doesn't expose her private part. She's pretty and cheerful, I liked her that much that I wanted to confess my love to her.

One night I was with my friends drinking in a store near our place. The drinking went well that I didn't notice the time was late already. Then a car stopped by in front of the store. Group of people went outside the car and I saw that girl. Her name was Mhea and I looked at her tightly. She stared at me so I responded to her with a look that my eyes told her I like her. I was getting drunk so the confidence of me as a real man took over. I didn't realise that she was drunk at that time. She suddenly vomited and laughed while her friends were laughing as well. I thought she was a fine woman but I was discouraged because she's not. Since then I stopped hoping her and just forgot about her.


I get over with her and I'm ready to fall again. A week after of conversation with John I currently dating this woman. Her name is Cheska and I met her outside our office. She looked at me first so a guy with a pride. I made the first move because she's qualified for my standard. Every week we go outside to have a date and spend time together.

"You're so cute Ryan, why the girls didn't see it." She said to me with a sweet smile while having a dinner date in a fancy restaurant. I got blushed every time she adores me.

"Shhh, don't say that you'll make me embarrassed," I said to her as I nodded my head and smiled.

"It's okay because it's true, people will think the same." She continued praising me.

"Enough for that and let's eat," I told her because if I don't I will be in the air dancing.

I'm so happy with Cheska and I make her happy as well. I could see how she smiles all the time when she's with me. We go into malls and different places to spend time together.

"Is that you Ryan? Why do I saw a different person in you? I thought an actor from Hollywood, what his name. Ah, it's Tom cruise." She said when we see each other outside the mall.

"I heard that a lot from my friends but I never thought you'll notice as well," I replied.

After that conversation, we decided to go to jewellery because she wants to buy something there.

"Oh no, I like it so much but it's so expensive. I need to save money to buy it but how can I if my family is relying on me. So sad." She said to me and shows me like a poor puppy that gets soaked by the rain.

"Wait I think I have money here."
"Really, Ryan?" She kisses me in the check. Nothing could compare how much happiness it gives me when she kissed me. I bought it and afterwards, she decided to go home because her mother is ill. I understand her so I let her off even though we just saw each other for an hour only. I'm hoping to be with her for a long time but she has a reason. I still have a lot of free time so I'm sitting in the park while dreaming of her. I'm smiling alone as I think of her.


"Honey, I'm here." I heard a woman shouted and it caught my attention because the voice seems familiar. I search for that voice and I saw Cheska with another guy. The time they come close they kissed a smock in the lips.

"What is this?" I said to myself as I keep on observing them. I cried because they are so close to each other and so different from what we are. I wanted to approach them but I self-pity and I just leave with tears. It's hard to accept that it's happening to me right now. We were so happy or maybe I was just happy. I am walking with no idea where to go. I'm feeling so down, it feels so heavy in my body that I don't feel like being alive. I'm sitting in a chair beside the street as I remember the memories I had with Cheska. Suddenly heavy rainfalls and I'm so thankful because I can cry so hard. I want to cry and I wanted to shout. I keep on looking in the ground as I feel so empty inside.

"Hey Ryan, are you taking a bath?" A woman's voice from the back but I ignored her.

"You will be sick because it's so cold." She continues and this time I turned my head upward to see who is it.

"Ah, it's just you." I turned back my head because it's just Coney. My loud neighbour and a crazy one.
"Huh?! What do you mean "it's just me?" She said with a strong voice and kicks me in the knee, "ouch, what are you doing?" I said.

"It's because you're ungrateful. I'm just worried why are you like that." She's mad at me and left but get back to give me an umbrella. She walks fast after she gave me the umbrella. I smirk even though I feel the pain inside because of her.


I return her umbrella when I saw her going outside her apartment.

"So the virus is afraid of your face because you seem fine." She teased me right away, that's why I don't like this woman. I leave after she received the umbrella.

"Tell me if you don't have water to take a bath next time because I can offer you water." She said and started laughing.

"Ah, she's so annoying," I said to myself and walks fast.

I go outside after work and decided to have a stroll. I look at the surrounding while spacing out. I'm staring on something but Cheska suddenly comes into my mind.

"Ah-," I want to shout because I want to forget her but a loud voice shouted from afar. " Did you finish taking a bath?" I look back and it's Coney. The people are starting to look at me with a judgemental face. I continue walking because I feel so embarrassed while she's laughing loud.

"Damn this girl," I whispered.

I walk fast to lose her but she runs towards me like a child. She caught up to me and continue teasing me. I'm annoyed so I stopped and look at her in the eyes.

"Do you like me beca-?" I said to her seriously but I didn't finish what I'm going to tell because she slapped me in the face. "A mosquito." She said and acting as nothing happened. "Ouch---," I touch the part of my face that she just slapped. "You should be thankful you know or else you might be sick with dengue fever." She said but it's so obvious she's preventing herself to smile. I have no match for this woman because she's so crazy.

I walk fast again to leave her but she holds my arm.

"Don't go, I'm not done yet." She said while showing a cute smile.

"Not done with?" I asked her.

"I'm not done teasing you." She replied with a mocking face. I just let her come along because there's no winning in complaining.


Weeks after spending time with her I feel the happiness I haven't felt from someone else. As time passes by I don't see her annoying but instead cute. Although she keeps in hurting me like choking me, slap me in my body and anything that she wants to. It becomes so fun with her even though she keeps on bullying me.

"Am I pretty Ryan?" She asked me suddenly while we are in the public. I'm staring at her seriously because she looks so serious as well. I smile and nodded my head saying Yes.

"Thanks but I feel like I'm lost in the battle because of your ugly face." She teases me and hugs me suddenly. I'm just shaking my head but I know she's just like that.

"I love you Coney and you have no idea-," I'm trying to act cook with her but she stopped me again with her offensive words.

"Of course, you're lucky to have a pretty girlfriend while I'm unlucky." She said.

I frowned my face because I want to act like a baby so she'll comfort me. "Don't do that please, it doesn't suit you because you're getting ug-" She didn't continue. After all, I look at her seriously. But I know she loves me so much, it's just part of her and I accepted it already.