Mr Calmer (drama, supernatural, romance)



Mr. calmer has never been sighted in the City for a week already.

" Was he tired of helping the people?"

"What will happen to the City that he's gone."

"Where are you Mr Calmer?"

Random people murmuring after reading the newspaper. I heard them looking for me. Some were singing where am I. Some were writing to a board "come back Mr Calmer." It's easy for them to say because they're not the one who will be making sacrifices.

I made the crime rate in the City from 80% to 30%. By just manipulating their minds I could make them a good person. I will stare at those people who will be doing bad deeds. After it, I will have their mind be at peace and will stop doing bad things. That's why they called me Mr. calmer.

Those people who did bad things were the one made that name. After I helped them to feel cool down. I don't wear any costume since there's no need for me to show up. They just made that breaking news because the crime rate is climbing.

I decided to stop helping people because of the side effects of my power. The people I loved suddenly got mad at me. At first, I didn't know what's happening when my girlfriend suddenly broke me up. I was observing until I finally realised. I found out that my gift or curse was responsible.

I wanted to help but I felt tired. I felt that way when the love of my life Shana decided to get married. Even though my heart broke into pieces when I refused to be with her together. I was fine at that time but when she decided to get married. My understanding of life suddenly changes. I wanted to be happy like others.

So selfish of me. I know. It's just that I'd love to experience what normal people do. I didn't blame the people for being me like this. It's not their fault but maybe this time I should prioritise myself for now. Forgot what spiderman said, "great power comes with great responsibility. So I go out and enjoy my life as a human.


" So you're getting married?"

I'm talking to Shana when we accidentally see each other along the road.

"I called you many times."
"I asked you to be there but you were not there."

She's starting to be emotional. She has a teary-eyed.

"I thought you loved me but--"

I closed my eyes and looked up. My tears are attempting to fall. I don't know what to say. She's right. I was not there for her all the time she needed me.

"Now, you don't know what to answer me."
"My God, Blake!"

She annoyingly said and turned her back at me. The girl I love started walking away from me. There are so many things I wanted to tell her. Many things I wanted to confess to her. Above it all, I desperately wanted to tell her who I am. Maybe she will understand me and forgive me. But I just let her walk away and never think of holding her. I have no right to stop her when I don't know if I can stay with her.


Days passed, I couldn't sleep well because of her. Shana, she's on my mind all the time. I keep on hoping that we could be together. But I know it's not the time for it. She now belongs to someone else and she will be happy to that person.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I felt the pain upon seeing you crying. I know my sorry will not be acceptable. I gave you so much pain that I can't even forgive myself from doing that to you."

I said while watching our photographs being together. We were in high school back then. That time she was just my friend and I had no power yet. Those times were the best thing in my life. I was free from everything, especially that word "responsibility."

One week has passed Shana called me to meet in a certain place. I was surprised when she called. By the day she said I'm already there waiting and excited to see her.

I saw her walking slowly towards me. She's wearing a beautiful dress that stood out of her beauty. The white complexion of her skin is like a sparkling white pearl.

"Were you surprised by my sudden call?" She asked.

I nodded while showing my widest smiling face.

Without shortcut she just said.

"Do you still love me?"

She stared at me and I blushed. My mind suddenly spaced out after I heard it. I'm so happy that I want to stand and celebrate. I didn't answer right away so she asked again.

"Blake, do you love me?"


I really wanted to tell her that I love her. But I don't understand why I hesitate to say it out loud. I can't understand myself why I'm preventing my lips to let loose. I was thinking of telling her how I feel for her every night. Yet, why today, right now in front of her.

"Blake, come on tell me please."

She said again while waiting for my answer.

I wanted to tell her now but I'm thinking about what will be our situation. From the past few days, I was desperately stopping myself not to help. Although seeing bad situations happen in front of my eyes made me feel guilty. If I just did something to stop it. Maybe the situation will be better.

It's like I can't breathe. It suffocates me not to say anything. My heart feels like being stabbed by a knife that it's bleeding. My tears started to fall that I can't tell her I also love her. In my mind, I wanted to shout to scream my feelings towards her.



A sound of a gunshot at the back of Shana. One person fell into the ground. Just a second and Shana is in the arms of the person who has a gun. A man pointed a gun to Shana's head. I could see in Shana's face that she's so afraid. She's closing her eyes. The man is shouting while pointing out the gun.

"Call the manager before I'm going to kill this woman."

The man starts crying.

"I didn't do anything bad and yet she fired me at my job. I have two children who need to feed. They're too young for hunger."

I made the man's head calm right away. I know the side effect of my power but I had no choice. Before the man will shout again he has a calm mind already. He let go Shana and I just closed my eyes. I know what will happen next. I'm afraid that it's better that way rather than seeing Shana being hurt.


Shana just said it right in my face. This is what I'm afraid to happen. Seeing a person I love will get mad because of this curse I have.

Shana left with an angry face. I didn't do anything because I'm already aware of it. The person who will be in front of me will be the one to get mad at me. Not only that, the furious feeling of that person I will manipulate will transfer. Although it's in me that they will let it out.

"I'm sorry. Don't leave me. I'm begging you please to stay. I love you so much. I don't know how to say it to you."

In my thoughts as I reached out my hand attempting to hold her. I saw her back and I know she will not look back at me. Tears slowly in falling like raindrops as I keep on walking. I nod my head to ignore the happenings for now. I will just let it pass for now. I will just be back tomorrow carrying this curse to save people. This is my responsibility after all.