Move on



Moving on is hard and it's very painful. It's painful to think that what you're being used to needs to change. When you'll realise that this place is not where you belong so you need to leave. It's harsh to think that this kind of life doesn't need you anymore. But what is also hard is to accept that the things you wanted to be will not be available for you anymore.

The place you used to live, the path you used to walk and the people you used to talk will now be gone. While accepting you keep on remembering things before that you made happily. The laughed you've shared with everyone will now be replaced with tears. There's no other choice but to move on or else you would feel that dark side of reality that will show. The reality that you thought it's real before but now it's not because it will be impossible to happen.

To move on is also hard especially in terms of love. When you and your love one still on the relationship. You could imagine how wonderful to live when you're in love. Everything seems possible, like dreams and its future. You started building dreams together with her/him. You started to picture out what was your life when you and her/him together. That's why it's hard to accept because you saw your future already with her but then it will no be happening anymore.


You have no choice but to cry out loud because it's painful. It's painful because you don't want to accept it that you and her/him are done fore. What will happen now for the dreams you built with her. The future that you saw with her was slowly fading. But if you will force it to stay the same like before you will just end unhappily. You will only be stuck in the world you only created where your partner will not be happy about it. She/He doesn't want you to be in her/his world and that makes it worst.

That's why you need to move on that you need a new life without her/him. There's no easy way I know, everybody knows. But one thing is for sure when you'll move on. The pain will fade soon and new happiness will come into your life. It will not happen right away but it will happen for sure. No need to rush because there are no shortcuts in life. You need to follow the process even though it will keep on hurting you. Just accept it if you want to be happy in the future to come. Don't hold it and forget what happened so it will not be hard for you to move on. Then you'll just see yourself smiling with different environment again.

thank you for reading