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Are they pathetic spending their time alone and have no friends? Are they boring to be with because they don't know how to do conversation with people? Are they sad that's why they wanted to be alone? If that will be your opinion about the loners, half correct and half wrong. You need to know the loner first before you conclude something like this. You might be surprised that they're not that bad after all to be with or they might not that boring to kill time. You might found them interesting because they're seeing different from what you always see.. They're emotional but you'll realize they're stronger than you think they were. Loners are not losers if you give them time to let them express themselves through their actions.

It's true that one of the reasons why there are people who became loners because of their bad experiences from the past. It gave them the pain to mingle with everyone because they don't trust them anymore. Especially those bullying, yes you'll be bullied more when you don't want to join a group. Correct me if I'm wrong, even though you' join with those people if they will bully you they will just make fun of you if you decide to join with them. For sure you will be just their laughing material and just like a slave that always being asked to do something. This is why people were being triggered to be a loner instead of enjoying their youth with friends. They will just think having fun with those people are like just doing stupid things and no sense at all.

One of the reasons as well depends on how their parents taught them. Home is the first environment we could learn many and it gives us more influence on what to do before going outside. I don't know how to explain well about why I included this a reason people became a loner. That's why I will just give you an example of how it pushes to be like this. Let me just my experienced, my story why I became a loner from this kind of situation.

When I was young, my mother used to tell me that I was ugly. She said that because according to her I should not proud of what I am. I should not act arrogant and boastful because it didn't suit me. The words of my mother were like a glue that attached in my mind. Every time I wanted to do something it made cautious because I'm always afraid of what people might think about while seeing my face. Summary, I was always afraid of the people will just talk badly about it because I was not in the position to do these things. The words of my mother stopping me from doing things because my confidence was nowhere to find. I had no strength to tell people or to face people because of it. Now, that I'm older I couldn't tell if what my mother was correct or wrong. I just thought it that it's not that bad understanding first what other people might think about me. I was just thinking to avoid myself from hearing bad words and criticism from them.

Now, do you think that those loners need attention or we should pity them? I'm telling you now, it depends on a loner's attitude because if you'll be as one of them. I don't need it, why? I'm happy being like this, I found it comfortable to spend my time alone rather than to spend it with many people around. Actually, it will just annoy me hearing their lies and faking their smiles. Unlike when I'm alone, I'm happy observing a group of people act like they think they're something else. That's why don't pity us or me individually because I'm happy keeping imagining while being alone.

unsplash by Melanie Wasser

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