Listen first


Are you familiar with this funny quote?

"Don't talk when your mouth is full"

Why do I tell it to you now? How will it be related to listening? For starters, it should be understood that this is about good manner when eating. For those who are strict and decent. This kind of behaviour is not acceptable. Imagine your mouth is full of food and when you'll start talking. The food might come out to your mouth. That way you should be ashamed of it. But not only that because your words will be hard to understand. How you can pronounce every word well when there's something in your mouth. It's funny for those who think it's not bad behaviour and considered this as a joke. Well, not all people are like that.

Is it not related to the topic? Actually, it is, let me ask you first. Why are you start talking when you still have something in your mouth? To prove that you have something to tell or to you just can't wait to express what you're just thinking? That's why you will interrupt someone that is already talking? Our topic now will explain why. You want to say something right away without listening first. You don't wait for someone to finish before you will start talking. It's about food or not, you're just showing your attitude in dealing situations.

You're mad already after you saw what has happened. You're thinking to butt in because you thought that you've seen enough. You thought that the judgement you made by yourself will be enough to do such a move. Many of us like that and actually I'm like that sometimes. But I'm still thankful for myself that I never tried showing rage. I always remain not to hurt someone before the conversation will be ended. Of course, boiling blood is already circulating in my veins. I think it's normal especially when you will see someone you love being hurt. That's a basic instinct who loves someone to protect them. However, that's not totally correct because we need to listen first and must know the whole story.


Have you read or encountered that story on Facebook about an owner killed his own dog? He killed that dog because he saw blood in the mouth of the dog and that dog was in front of his baby son. If you will be the father of that son seeing like that. Of course, you'll berserk because it's the life of your child. Your sight will become blurry and you can't think well. You can't stop yourself from doing violent things.

What happened to the dog? He killed his dog without checking it first. After he killed the dog, he found out that those blood came from the snake that was being killed by the dog. The dog protected his son, his son lives but the dog died. Just see how terrifying we could be if our love ones will be at risk. It's fine to do brutal actions if it's about protecting our love ones but we must learn first the whole story. We may have reacted hurriedly but that's not the reason that we no longer need to learn the story. We must open our mind and let our ears listen first.

The outcome if we don't hear the story first. We may commit a crime for a stupid reason. What happened to Romeo and Juliet? Why they both died? Because Romeo didn't know that Juliet was just sleeping but her heart was stopped. Of course, Romeo thought Juliet was dead already because he didn't know about the plans. See what will always happen when we let our emotions overcome us without knowing the whole truth? Instead of having a good life. It will end up a bad life because we chose to do a move right away.

So? "Don't talk when your mouth is full or be patient before making an action. Digest it first before you're trying to talk."

Thank you for reading