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When people learn that you're blogging they thought that it's amazing. It's amazing since not all people into writing kinds of stuff. They will think of you might be as a smart ass man or can't believe that you're doing like that. Some of them will ask your work because they will think that it's interesting to learn more about you. But they have no idea how hard it is to be in the world of blogging.

Of course, I could tell because this was in my mind before watching people doing the writing. I highly think those people who do this kind of stuff. Then 2 years ago I decided to be in the world of blogging, thinking that I could do this writing thing. I was really excited to dive into this platform because I thought it was so easy. I know a little bit about english and I can imagine already what to write or what kind of content to share.

At first, I didn't feel anything when I found out that no one recognizes my work. All I thought before was being happy since I was in the world of blogging. I ignored those feelings not earning a little bit of penny. I thought that way because I was just happy with the writing and happy to tell the world what was in my mind. Those childish feelings in my mind a long time ago stuck myself in continuing in the world of blogging.

It's true that I was so happy to share my content with many people and more especially when people visited my post and left a comment. I couldn't explain that kind of feeling when someone spent time reading my content and interact with what I was written. They didn't give me some earnings since they didn't have that power to give me some (I was referring in steem/hive.) But their words are enough to make myself continue on writing and never stop believing that someday I will be recognized.

That was on my mind a long time ago but now is different.
Let me tell you what is in the world of blogging if you have no idea.

unsplash by Patrick Tomasso

To tell you the truth, the world of blogging is harsher than you imagined. Every day I keep on thinking what to write that might caught the attention of the readers. I need to learn the grammar and formatting in writing because there are those people who are very strict. It means that they have their standards before they'll consider the content is nice or must receive recognition. While others mocking it if they'll think the content is absurd and has no sense at all.

That's the reality in blogging because those people who will give you earnings will think if you deserve it. Those people are not just sharing their wealth or their time while reading your content. Although there are people who wouldn't think much about the grammar as long the message you wanted to deliver is very clear. But you don't have an assurance because only a few people think that way.

You want it so you must work hard from it. Blogging is not welfare that will help you to grow. You must remember that you need the attention of many people. That's why avoid writing posts like begging or asking to have something. You are writing to make people think that you're content is worthy their time. Just ignore the negative thought because it will always be there wherever you are.

I'm not discouraging you about in blogging but I'm just giving you an idea how this kind of world works. It's up to you to decide if you really love writing, it's your own passion anyway. Don't stop yourself and keep on doing what you wanted to do.

thank you for reading