Kill the fire instead


The fire will not start a big one right away. It will start first from a small amount or just a spark before it will unstoppable. The serious fight didn't start as a mortal enemy at first. The misunderstanding will be the reason for the offensive in exchanging words. The two people who will end up fighting will not come at that point if someone just stands in between and stops it. There should be ice to make it cool down but if someone will add firewood. The conversation will become flammable until it's hard to stop. As for me a human being who doesn't want a mess and noise. I hate having a fight and I think all of us want a peaceful life, right?

Having someone we in favour of, it's normal to show our support. Just like when you have some allies, they will help you not to be down. They will be there for you and your fight will be their fight. However, if we can stop it why we will let it? If you heard your friend has an enemy. Talk to him first before helping that friend. Don't sympathise for that friend right away without knowing the whole story. When you know the story of your friend, know the story of that enemy. That kind of action will be clear things and it may stop their fight.

People don't fight if they don't love each other. The hate will be created when the trust of someone betrayed them. Unlike if they don't have friends or a person who is dear to them. Who would be that someone that will be against? That man fooled you or lied to and that's why someone got mad. But who will do this kind of things? The stranger will not give a damn to someone for sure. A stranger will not just offend someone if that stranger does that he/she must be crazy.


Just imagine how it feels when there's no one has something against? You are free to go whenever and wherever you wanted to be. While having a conversation with your friends. You will not be worried that someone is aiming for your back. It feels amazing when you can laugh out loud because there's no one who will mind your actions.

Isn't it wonderful when you have a lot of friends? If you will be outside, a lot of them will greet you by their smile and by calling your name? You're not intending for popularity but your heart will be happy knowing that many people respect you. That's why instead of making a fire. Let's kill it instead by explaining those words. How lovely to live in a place where all are friends. If they will hear it, they will stop the hate and just settled the misunderstanding for sure. If you are a true friend to that person. Don't stand in your friend's side right away and make them friends if possible. There's no happiness in the world full of hate.

thank you for reading