It's not your loss

unsplash by Fernandon @cferdo

When our loved ones broke our hearts and decided to end the relationship. There's nothing we can't do but to cry because we thought that the relationship shouldn't end. We cried because of all the sweet memories that we wanted to happen again. That's why we let ourselves broke and didn't want to do anything. We isolated ourselves from friends and anyone so that all we could do is to cry and kill ourselves by hurting it. We have no idea, that's why we will just say to ourselves., "sorry, I just love her/him."

Who knows if it was correct or wrong when we didn't think clearly of what we must do? Our brain was covered with all the wonderful memories and replaced them with bad. Of course, everyone might experience it will feel frustrated and desperate. But did you know that it's better when you will go out and talk with friends? That friends of yours have one single line that you will help to realize that you shouldn't think that way. Actually, this is a popular one and I often heard it and used it as well.

"It's not your loss, it's hers or him.

unsplash by Shane Rounce

Would you agree with these words? Just imagine how you cried so much because of her. It's obvious that you really love her that you gave everything you had but still she left you. Then who was wrong for leaving you behind after what you did? Who will regret in the future by hurting your innocent heart? If you get what I wanted to deliver to you maybe you will agree with me that "it'snot your loss?"

Don't keep on sulking over there and hurt yourself. Be happy that the one you love won't continue in hurting you anymore. Just think of it that she/he didn't deserve your love and it's perfect because you can find who deserves with that everlasting love of yours. You will not be the one who will feel regrets after, for sure that one who left you. Made up your mind and start on thinking that your world is not finished yet.

unsplash by Ahmed Zayan

Be happy that you can now free from those false feelings that you thought real. You're not the one who was being defeated by leaving behind. You are the winner that you can now find a woman that will be better with her. I've been through that feeling and I know how does it feel when someone left you despite from the love you showed. I became happy after that previous relationship I had before. That's why always remember when someone will leave you and said it yourself, "it's not my loss."

Thank you for reading