Is it wrong to be poor?



Yes, I know it already that the world is not fair. Especially for those poor people like us. I remember when I was in my elementary days. I wasn't allowed to join in dancing activities because we had no money to provide for costumes. I wasn't allowed to play with that toy because it's too expensive. Too many I couldn't do because of life status. Too many forbade to do because the truth is. Society doesn't accept the life of poor people.

Sometimes I asked myself. Is it really wrong to have a poverty life? Why people choose the people they want to hang out? Is poverty like a curse or a pandemic? That's why people stayed away from them or else they will have it as well?

It's already unfair but some people make it worse. Just imagine that poor person can't eat food as the rich do. But instead of giving it to the poor when they can't eat it all. They will prefer giving it to the animals. See how rude the world to poor people.

If you are rich, you can help them not to blame themselves because they are poor. Don't let them feel too much that their lives are so pathetic. Don't try on robbing and fooling them already. They have hard times fighting in this world just to survive. They need help instead of taking something from them.



I don't know how does it feel to sit in gold. I have no idea what is the feeling when you can see all over the world. Even if I have no idea I think I can understand how does it feel when we don't hurt someone? How does it feel when we remove those tears from someone. That kind of idea will be enough hoping you can understand me. You don't need to be like me but instead of doing bad for someone, why not doing good? It's not hard and it will not make you poor.

Don't think that being powerful is enough to be successful. You still need those many people or community to achieve what you wanted. Even poor people can help you to climb a mountain. It's not wrong if there are poor people. They are just making this world to balance. They have minds that can be useful as well. Don't underestimate because this poor person right here maybe one of the reasons that you can be on top.

Thank you for reading