I didn't hear you

I was on elementary that time when I saw my friend and a neighbour getting bullied because she wore a dusty uniform. I knew they were poor so it's not easy for her family to buy a new one. I was so mad at her because she didn't cry and kept on smiling. I was so mad of myself as well because I wanted to move to protect her but I was afraid to do so. When I saw her acting like that I kept my distance away from her. I didn't want to get involved with her or else I will be bullied by my classmates.

One rainy afternoon I was with my friends walking to go home. Jane came to me and offered me her umbrella.
"Let's go home together Daniel," she said.
I frowned and gritted my teeth as I pushed her away. She fell down and I stole her umbrella, so my friends and I could use it in going home. I faced forward but my eyes were drowning towards her. She never cried but she remained looking at the ground with a sad face. It felt like it was just me at that time. The time paused and the surrounding was all white. I looked at her while she was crying. That was on my imagination but it went away when my friends laughed at me and said.

"You were amazing Daniel."
I laughed loud when they complimented but my thoughts spoke differently.
*"That was amazing for you guys?" *


Since then I never saw Jane going to school. The whole class made disturbing laughter. My friends blamed me because it was me they pointed out the reason that Jane didn't show up in the school anymore. A month ago our teacher announced that Jane's mother decided to transfer her to a different school. The teacher told us that her mother said, "Jane always staying in her room and didn't want to go to school anymore." Her mother didn't say something but the teacher's assuming that the child was being bullied. That was the last time I saw Jane.

I felt guilty for what I did to her. Why I joined my friends in bullying her. I went into their house to say sorry and ask forgiveness for what I just did. But when I arrived at their house her mother told me she wasn't there anymore. She was working now as a housemaid but still planning to enrol by next year. A Santos family was so rich and kind to them. They asked Jane to live with them since they're already old and their children were far. I walked away from their house as my tears started dropping in the ground.


I suddenly remember how what I experienced before. I used to be the centre of bullying in our room. What happened to her has happened to me already. They used to make fun of my dusty uniforms and my food every lunch. Sometimes they pulled my short because they knew I wasn't wearing underwear. I experienced too many embarrassing moments that's why I decided to belong in the bullies instead of became bullied. If not because of my police officer uncle they will continue on bullying me. I was glad that my uncle visited our school and spoke to the children and they became afraid of it.

"Sorry Jane," my words of regret.


Years have passed already and I was on college. I'm studying criminology to become a Police officer. My uncle became my hero and I wanted to be like him. I decided not to mingle with my classmates. I'm thinking that they will just talk bad if I'm not around. I'm not that young child anymore who needs protection from the number of friends. Also, I can fight back now if someone will bully me. I always stay in the library during my vacant and waiting there for my next subject.

While I'm reading a book in the corner of the library I heard a familiar voice. She's slowing her voice while laughing because we are in the library. I stand up to search that voice. I'm getting nearer but the voice getting slower. I move my head in different directions to search for her while walking.

"Ouch." I bumped someone.
"I'm so sorry," I said and see who was that I bumped.



When she stands up and faces me. I couldn't stop my voice to speak loudly because of excitement I feel when I saw her.


I nod my head while smiling towards her. I'm so happy to see her at last. For a long time of wanting her to see again. At last, it comes true but she suddenly runs outside to avoid me. I know why she runs away from me. I made too many sins to her. But this time for sure I will not do it. I run as well to catch her. She stops and looks at me, maybe she's making sure if it's really me she knows and then runs again. I can still see her so I keep on running to catch up with her.


She stops and sitting in the chair under the tree. I'm breathing deeply because I'm tired.

"Please don't run away from me Jane. I'm really really sorry about what I did before." I said to her while my hand is like praying but actually beg.

"No, I don't want you to be involved again or else you will be bullied." She replied.

I just smile because she still very considerate of me until this time.
"Don't worry Jane, now will be different and I assure you with that."

I look into different directions while rubbing my head because of discomfort. I want to say something but I don't know how to say it.

"Can we be friends again Jane?"
I said it so fast that I'm not sure if she understands me. But she's crying while smiling. I'm wondering why she's acting like that.

"Wait, why Jane? What did I do again? I'm sorry."

She smiles at me and hugs me.
"I missed you so much Daniel and of course. We are always because I already love you since before."

I became speechless. I have no idea she's been loving me all this time. I look at her in the eyes as she looks at me.

"I love you too Jane. I promise I'm going to protect you this time."
We both smiling and hugs each other.